The Importance of Product and Install Training


In the metal industry, like every other industry, keeping up with new products and proper installation is vital to the growth and success of any business. As a training manager and engineer, I see the importance of this every day.

Mark Mullins, Fabral

Mark Mullins, Fabral

There are many installers, sales and support staff who simply do not understand the products as well as maybe they should. It is vital to installers to understand all the parts and pieces of metal roofing and siding to ensure that projects are completed on time and with the best quality possible.

Let’s face it, the products are not complicated, but there are basic principles and practices that must be understood in order for a proper and weathertight installation.

As a past installer, I also understand the importance of completing a project without the need to go back and fix or repair portions of a roof or wall that was not installed properly. It is very difficult to be successful if this happens very often.

This is key to being profitable and maintaining a positive reputation for repeat business. Many times future work is dependent on positive “word of mouth” and this only comes from previous customers having a positive experience with your company.

On the sales and support side, it is equally important to understand existing and new products. This will allow you to speak intelligently about the products and make recommendations for the proper products for any given project.

Many manufacturers of products offer training and assistance with getting you this type of knowledge. I urge you to take the time and take advantage of these programs.

I see the benefits of this training every day, and after completing one of these training sessions I am confident that you will too.

Source: Fabral

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