Gotta’-Have-It Solutions for Post-Frame Builders

One of the fun things about the Frame Building Expo is the introduction of new products. Here is a sneak peek.

NP-Lakeside-LCF_Steel_Guard_200Long-Life Fastener Solutions from Lakeside
Lakeside Construction Fasteners will showcase its ZMAX Long-Life and SC SteelGuard at the expo.ZMAX alloy fasteners are engineered for corrosion applications. They offer a larger outer diameter to prevent wind uplift and are suitable in snow-load regions. They are also ideal for coastal environments, preventing red rust on fastener heads once properly installed into metal buildings.
For a lower-head profile, Lakeside has introduced the ¼ HWH Long-Life SC Steel Guard.

The engineered flat-head service prevents fastener wobbling during installation. These fasteners have a larger outer diameter with a ¼ HWH to prevent wind uplift and are also suitable for coastal regions where the stainless steel fastener head won’t red rust for the life of the metal panel.Both the ZMAX and SC Steel Guard are available in #10 x 1 – 3 inches. They have high-low threads for maximum holding power and can be used with either battery-operated or impact screw guns.

NP-Boral-Versetta-Stone-Column-(200)Siding and Trim from Boral
Boral is introducing two new innovative options that will change the way you look at exterior products–Boral TruExterior Siding & Trim and Boral Versetta Stone.

Made from the revolutionary new poly-ash material, TruExterior Siding and Trim solve both the moisture- and movement-related issues commonly seen with other exterior materials, while offering a balance of performance and aesthetics.

Versetta Stone is a mortarless, cement-based manufactured stone veneer with a unique, panelized design. It is installed with mechanical fasteners, allowing carpenters and contractors to re-create the beauty and craftsmanship of authentic stone masonry using nails or screws, offering a complete system founded on quality, speed and selection.

A No Pre-Drill Screw from Simpson Strong-Tie
NP-Simpson-SDWHHDG_2-screwsSimpson Strong-Tie has launched the Strong-Drive SDWH Timber-Hex HDG screw. The fastener requires no pre-drilling and replaces bolt, washer and nut assemblies, saving installers time and cost. It is specifically designed to resist severe corrosion levels in heavy-duty marine and coastal applications, such as piers, boardwalks, structural pilings and docks.

The .276-inch diameter hot-dip galvanized screw features a SawTooth point and oversized integral washer which eliminate the need for pre-drilling and a separate washer.

The SDWH Timber-Hex HDG screw is available in five lengths, ranging from 4- to 12-inches and features a 3/8-inch hex-drive head for secure driving.

Interior Partition Panel and Trim from Extrutech
NP-Extrutech-P224-panel-200Extrutech Plastics Inc. will be introducing its new P224–24-inch partition wall panel and trims. Also being added are several new profiles to enhance its concrete form wall system, which will make it more builder friendly.

Extrutech has also developed some new exciting colors for its panels and trims that will be on display. All products are made in Wisconsin.

NP-Martin-Bldg-ProductsA lightweight reflective insulation from Martin Building Products
VERSOLA Aluminum Double Bubble White Poly Reflective Insulation from Martin Building Products is featherlight and a mere 5/16 inches thick, yet it blocks up to 95 percent of radiant heat transfer. A double layer of insulating bubbles is encased between a layer of highly-reflective, 99 percent pure aluminum and a layer of titanium white polyethylene film. The aluminum layer repels summer sun, the white layer reflects light for a brighter interior. The air in the bubble layer serves as an effective thermal break between surfaces, while the outer layers form a moisture/vapor barrier. The result is a healthier, more comfortable and energy-efficient space.

NP-AG-Co-pushall-200-PushAll Multi-Purpose Tool from Ag-Co
The PushAll Multi-Purpose Tool from Ag-Co is the smarter choice when it comes to snow removal. It has an ergonomic U-shaped handle, rounded corners and a flat edged blade that utilizes your body’s strength to do the work. No need to lift, just push. It will easily glide over cracks and seams and is ideal for driveways, stairs and sidewalks and holds up to 2300 cubic inches of materials per pass.


NP-Safeway-Ambient-1_5_17-n3New Door Line from Safe-Way

Safe-Way Door has added a new door to its lineup of high-density polyurethane insulated garage doors. Combining ruggedness and good looks with the benefit of an R-Value of 17.68, the new Ambient line is geared toward residential, commercial and industrial applications where superior insulating ability is desired. The high-density polyurethane core is credited with giving the Ambient line superior insulation properties, along with more strength for better performance and durability.

NP-Resolite-Sky-picPolycarbonate corrugated and multi-wall panels from

Since 1951, Resolite FRP Composites has been in the forefront of new product development in fiberglass reinforced plastic panels. Resolite designed the first fire-retardant fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet and introduced the first walkable FRP panel. Resolite is now offering a new line of Makrolon polycarbonate corrugated and multiwall panels. The corrugated panels were specifically designed for metal buildings as skylights and sidelights. These polycarbonate corrugated sheets match most of the metal panel profiles in the U.S. market.

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