Largest CFS simulated earthquake testing at UC San Diego

The University of California San Diego along with its partners were preparing for the largest simulated earthquake testing for mid-rise cold-formed steel building systems (CFS) less than a week after a recorded 5.2 real earthquake took place in San Diego.

Months of design and planning went into preparation for the June 15 testing. It included erecting the tallest ever CFS-framed test building, 64-feet high, and moving it onto the outdoor shake table at UC San Diego, then equipping the interior with seismic instrumentation of the building and its key structural components. The structure was assembled in a panelized fashion off-site at the SWS Panel and Truss Facility in South Gate, Calif.

The research aims to evaluate the earthquake and post-earthquake fire performance of mid-rise CFS-building systems through full-scale earthquake and live thermal testing of a 6-story wall-braced system.



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