SIPs Update: Structural insulated panels

ACH Foam Technology
R-Control SIPs are a strong, structural system consisting of Perform Guard expanded polystyrene termite-resistant insulation laminated to OSB. The panels are used for walls, roofs, and floors, and are available in sizes up to 8×24, with a variety of thicknesses and R-values.

Architectural Specialty Products
ASP manufactures nine architectural metal panel systems, including a number of factory insulated foam panels: Series 500, MLW, HF and SCR-DR. The systems are provided in many thicknesses, with various combinations of facing materials and gauges. Finishes include stucco, smooth Kynar 500 aluminum/steel, anodized aluminum, bronze, copper, muntz meal, stainless steel, and zinc.

Chapman Building Systems
The Texas Company is a manufacturer of the R-Control SIP specializing in combining panels with other building systems for residential and commercial products. Chapman also is a supplier of engineered wood products as part of the structural package.

Manufacturing fully customized energy efficient SIPS since 1982, Enercept SIPS feature patented electrical chases and unique thermally broken connection posts. Panels, designed with the end user in mind, go up more quickly using less labor than other building systems. All window and door openings are pre-cut, with headers built in. Enercept also provides pre-cut gables with beam pockets in place.

Energy Panel Structures
A Solid Core panel roof using a glulam truss system with 12-foot on-center bays can clear spans up to 120 feet, with no exposed fasteners or connection plates. Panel sidewall heights can span from 4 to 27 feet. Panels come with factory installed vertical and horizontal chases for electrical wiring. They are machined to accept two 2×4 studs, allowing for foam-to-foam contact for no thermal breaks. Optional R-26 or R-33 insulated panels over a truss system are available.

Extreme Panel Tech, Inc.
Extreme Panel manufactures SIPS for residential, commercial and agricultural buildings. SIPs are conducive to green building because of their energy-saving properties. OSB consists of fast-growth trees and OSB mills are located in strategic locations to limit shipping and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The super tight envelope reduces the demand for energy and promotes a healthy indoor environment. Increased energy efficiency will do more to protect the environments than filling the home with so-called “green” products. Reduced demand for energy also translates into decreased greenhouse gases emitted into the environment.

FischerSIPS, LLC
A manufacturer of SIPS since 1986, Fischer makes panels ranging from 4 x 8 to 8 x 24 feet. Pre-cut packages are available. Other options include drywall, T1-11 and tongue & groove added to panels. All panels are delivered wrapped and banded in plastic. Dealer opportunites are available.

General Panel Corp.
With a distribution area that includes the Southeast, Ohio valley, lower Midwest and mid Atlantic areas, the Grenada, Miss., plant is a full service manufacturer of 8’x24 panels with full CAD/CAM cutting. The Johnson City, Tenn., plant specializes in cost effective 4’ x8’ to 4’ x 24’ blank panel solutions. The Tennessee plant also does specialty laminates other than OSB and nailbase.

IB Panels
Distributed in 11 western states, including Alaska, panels are made of two sheets of 7/16” OSB with foam core thickness from 6 to 12 inches. Floor panels are 4x 24-foot sheets of 7/16” OSB and the foam core thickness is equal to the width of 2x lumber. Wall panels feature non-thermal bridging metal splines, standard panels, open panels, insulated headers with non-thermal bridging metal wraps, insulated sills, insulated non-thermal bridging microlam headers, includes wire chases by default, plumbing chases by request. The foam core thickness is equal to the width of 2x lumber. Roof panels, both standard and customized, have exposed rafter tails that include wire chases. The foam core thickness is equal to the width of 2x lumber. All IB Panels’ patented design incorporates metal splines that are non-thermal bridging for maximum insulation value.

The Insulspan SIP system consists of solid, one-piece, pre-cut SIP units that are ready to install as wall, floor, or roof components suitable for residential or commercial applications. The panels consist of a molded EPS insulation core with OSB laminated to the top and bottom faces.

With superior R-values per inch of thickness and consistent insulation through composite construction, a Murus SIP building envelope offers exceptional whole-wall insulating values, excellent structural properties, superior living comfort and significant reductions in heating and cooling energy loads. Murus SIPs are available with either polyurethane or EPS foam cores, in a comprehensive range of lengths, skin configurations and R-values that range from R-16 to R-45. Murus SIPs are ideal for LEED, green and sustainable building projects as recognized by and listed in the GreenSpec Directory, an independent agency specializing in qualifying green construction products.

Plymouth Foam Incorporated
The Wisconsin company’s PaceMaker Building Systems brand is a national leader in the manufacture of structural insulated panels for residential and commercial construction. PaceMaker Building System brand products are based on over 30 years of proven experience in the design and manufacture of structural insulated panels. They are included in thousands of commercial, residential, religious and educational projects across the country. PaceMaker SIPs have emerged as a very popular method of construction resulting from their speed of construction, cost, structural strength and the energy efficiency advantages they provide over other building systems.

A manufacturer of SIPs since the mid-1960s, the company continues to be at the forefront of SIP technology. PorterSIPs are available with OSB or metal skins and with prefinished surfaces to expedite interior finish construction. The company also manufactures the Adapt Frame and Panel Building System, which utilizes structural tube steel and glulam bents enveloped by SIPs. The tube steel frame bolts together for quick assembly and can be engineered for elevated housing applications in floodplains, or other specialized building situations. Adapt saves construction time and expense and offers all of the energy saving benefits of standard SIP construction.

Premier Building

Among North America’s largest manufacturers of structural insulated panels, Premier SIPs offer builders and homeowners one of the most innovative building products on the market today. When compared with traditional stick framing building methods, Premier SIPs are the future of the building industry for roof, wall and floor applications. Builders gain a way to stand apart, a stronger product, significant installation labor savings and green building tax credits. Homeowners achieve energy bills up to 50 percent less, significant tax credits, better indoor air quality, straighter walls and a stronger structure to protect against natural disasters.

Structural Insulated Panel Association
SIPA is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators/distributors, design professionals and builders committed to providing quality structural insulated panels for all segments of the construction industry.

SureTight Insulated Panel Corporation
Custom-cut, ready-to-assemble, jumbo-size EPS-foam core SIPs, certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are inspected and stamped by a national third-party testing agency, for the residential, modular and light commercial building industries. SureTight panels are distributed east of the Mississippi River.

Thermal Foams, Inc.
Thermal Foam SIPs are 30-50 percent more energy efficient than traditional wall construction. SIPs are a strong engineered system consisting of expanded polystyrene insulation laminated between oriented-strand board (OSB), forming an engineered panel that can be used for exterior walls, roofs and floors. Used world-wide for new houses, additions, freezers, coolers, commercial construction and more, the panels are available from 4×8 to 8×24 feet and can be factory fabricated to be site-erected quickly. The company also offers non-engineered nail-base panels that are often installed above structural metal or wood planking roof decks to provide insulation and a surface for attaching roofing materials.

Winter Panel
Winter panels feature polyisocyanurate or expanded polystyrene foam cores. R-values range from R-15 to R-38, with panel sizes from 4×8 to 8×24.

Wrisco Industries
The Florida company’s Elite insulated structural wall and roof panels are composed of two outer skins of aluminum, wood, gypsum, non-asbestos fiber reinforced cement board or other materials, laminated to an EPS core. Panels range from 2 to 8 inches thick, 48 inches wide, to 30 feet long. Buildings up to 30 feet wide require no framing.

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