Englert Roofing App Now Includes Coil Calculators

Englert, Inc. has announced that its Englert Roofing and Gutter App has been updated to include two roofing coil calculators. These are mobile versions of the same coil calculators found on the Englert website and are expected to be useful to both contractors and architects alike when estimating the amount of roofing coil needed to complete a project.

In addition, the Englert App also features all of Englert’s product brochures, a color selector for roofing and gutter colors and profile installation animations for every roofing profile.WEB-Englert-coil-app

The App is available in an Android version at the Google Play Store and an iPhone version at the Apple Store. Roofing and gutter customers are encouraged to download the App or update the App on their phones if they currently have the previous version.

The two standing seam roofing coil calculators can help contractors figure how much roofing coil they have on a roll and how much coil will be required for a roofing project. Results are for estimation only and do not include waste factors.

A contractor can choose from one of two methods to determine how much roofing coil is on a roll. The first method requires that the width, gauge and weight be known. The second requires that the coil width, inside and outside diameter and gauge be known. Contractors often do not know or have the means to find out how much the coil accurately weighs. But width, inside and outside diameter and gauge can all be readily determined.

To use the calculator to estimate how much coil will be required for a project, the contractor must input the panel profile, kind of material, slope factor, finished panel width and gauge. All of this information is generally readily available.

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