Opus Virtual Offices Offers Roofers Opportunity

While on the roof, roofers are difficult to reach. But by having a professional receptionist answer their phones, roofing companies can now present a professional image and convert business at a higher rate than before.

Traditionally, if customers are in need of roofing repair they reach a voicemail and call the next company on the list. However, if the customer reaches a live receptionist, like those provided by Opus Virtual Offices to their clients, they now have established contact with the company and an opportunity for business has now been created.

“Opus Virtual Offices can be used by a variety of businesses with packages that can be molded to fit anyone’s needs,” said Yori Galel, CEO of Opus Virtual Offices.

Also, by having a professional address, the roofing company now has someone on staff to receive mail and packages while they are on the roof. Both live answering and a professional address plus much more is only $99 through Opus Virtual Offices and many roofing companies are realizing this is an economical professional avenue to grow their business.

A virtual office is defined as a complete business system that utilizes advanced technology to create a flexible online workplace. Opus VO reduces the costs and hassles of renting physical space and combines the best features of a low cost virtual office with a prestigious corporate address with enhanced business center facilities that are certain to provide a unique opportunity for businesses worldwide.

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