Precision Foam Fabricators purchases second continuous panel laminating system

MOUNDRIDGE, KS – Bradbury Group Australia is set to deliver a second continuous panel laminating system to Georgia based Precision Foam Fabricators. 

PFF has been providing expert structural insulation services since 1969 and has used BGA equipment for the last 20 years to help meet customer standards where speed of erection, lightness of weight and thermal efficiency are required.  PFF manufactures Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) for walls, roofs, and ceilings for various applications including cold storage facilities, food processing, cleanrooms, single family residents, schools, strip malls and commercial buildings. 

The new equipment will be operational the first quarter of 2012 and will run in parallel with the existing line allowing for more than double the current production.

 To see equipment photographs and find additional information about the companies of The Bradbury Group, their individual products, and integrated manufacturing systems, visit Use the website to contact The Bradbury Group or call 1.620.345.6394. Written inquiries should be addressed to The Bradbury Co., Inc., 1200 E. Cole Street, PO Box 667, Moundridge, KS 67107, USA.

To contact Precision Foam Fabricators please call 1.800.241.6167. For more information, visit Written inquiries should be addressed to Precision Foam Fabricators, 754 East Hightower Trail, Social Circle, GA 30025, USA.

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