rFoil / Covertech now with 10-year warranty against UV degradation

rFoil – Ultra – White is a new reflective insulation material for metal buildings rFoil insulationmanufactured by Covertech that comes with a 10-year warranty against ultraviolet light degradation. If the rFoil – Ultra – White, white facing breaks down due to exposure to indirect UV light, Covertech will provide new rFoil – Ultra – White insulation product to replace the defective material. Plus it will provide up to $ 0.75 per square foot to assist in any cost for the replacement of the defective product. Covertech is the first manufacturer to offer a 10-year warranty that involves labor assistance in the cost for the replacement of the defective product. Other benefits of the rFoil – Ultra – White insulation is that it controls heat gain or loss, and prevents interior condensation in all types of metal, metal-clad and post-frame buildings.

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