Taking robots beyond welding in steel beam construction

The Netherlands – Robot welding has not yet become common practice in the steel construction business. Variety in designs and the limited welding meters in smaller beams put pressure on the feasibility of welding automation. Dutch robot integrator Kranendonk has just released a new production system that offers a new level of automation: a robotic assembly line for beam profiles.

Kranendonk’s Beam Assembly Line automatically assembles, tacks and welds attachments to steel beams. The combination of assembling (within 1mm accuracy) and welding increases the quality and productivity of manufacturers. The programming of the system is automated, meeting the demand of the construction where beams differ in size and layout. The system is delivered with two ABB robots and ESAB welding equipment.

The new robot machine offers a new level of automation to the steel construction industry.

Kranendonk will organize a global event at November 8 in The Netherlands to show the system to the steel construction industry. For more information visit Kranendonk.com or contact Edwin Oosterveld, e.j.oosterveld@kranendonk.com or +31 344 623 944.

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