Three New Products From Levi’s Building Components

New from Levi’s . . . Universal Closure


Universal Closure.

This open cell polyurethane foam is an economical way to seal and fill any space under ridge caps, trim and other openings between metal panels. Easily compresses or expands to fill gaps or voids. Easy install means your job gets done fast. Available in 25’ rolls.


Wedge Anchors.

New from Levi’s . . . Wedge Anchors   

The ideal choice for creating a secure anchor for objects in concrete, Wedge Anchors expand and become securely fastened. Available in multiple diameters and lengths to suit varied concrete fastening applications. Carbon steel and zinc plated. One-piece grip ensures uniform holding capacity that increases as tension is applied.

New from Levi’s . . . Zinc Plated Low Profile Pancake Head Screws

This ultra-thin pancake head fastener is designed to fasten flush and lay flat without dimpling or showing through the panel. Zinc Plated, fastens metal to wood. #2 square head style, low profile with SP drill point. Available in three, #10 sizes: 1”, 1-1/2” and 2”.


Zinc Plated Low Profile Pancake Head Screws.

For quick ship options and more information on our entire product line of snow guards, fasteners and metal building products contact Levi’s Building Components at 877-897-7020 or  or visit their web site at

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