2010 Metal of Honor: ATAS International

ATAS — Your Single Source

ATAS International, Inc., has been a leading single-source manufacturer for commercial and residential metal roofing, wall panels and accessories since 1963. What that means is ATAS can produce systems for commercial and residential buildings with more than 20 profiles available in aluminum, steel, zinc and copper.

Roofing profiles include: standing and batten seams; corrugated; curved; tapered; shingles; tiles; shakes; mansards; and narrow or wide ribbed panels with hidden or exposed fasteners. Rainware, crown moulding and perimeter edge trim are also available.

ATAS has expanded its product line with an emphasis on sustainable construction. ATA-Solar, a premium building integrated photovoltaic roofing system, highlights the offerings. Thin-film amorphous silicon laminates are factory-assembled onto the ATAS panels, so installation is very similar to a typical standing-seam metal roof system.

ATAS’ commitment to sustainable construction extends to many of its other product lines, including InSpire, a transpired solar collector that utilizes precision perforated metal wall panels to preheat ventilation air via solar energy. Also, most ATAS painted products are now coated with cool pigmented paint that reflects more infrared radiation. This technology allows the color to appear the same while keeping the material cooler, leading to saved energy and less money spent on utilities. Painted products are coated with a PVDF finish in 30 standard colors.

Above Sheathing Ventilation creates an air space between the roof deck and metal roof panel that can reduce peak cooling demand in summer, leading to more saved energy.

If you are working on a LEED project, our sustainable products can contribute to points in: Sustainable Sites; Energy & Atmosphere; Materials and Resources; and Indoor Environmental Quality.
ATAS has recently redesigned its website, www.atas.com, to be a showroom for its industry-leading innovations. Product descriptions, project highlights and pictures, CAD details, technical information, the latest news, pricing and detailed contact information are just some of the tools available.

An exciting online feature is the ATAS Specification Program, which allows specifiers to create specifications using ATAS products. The unique function of the specification writing software is that it includes the recommended usages and limitations of the ATAS product line, virtually guaranteeing proper use when the spec is utilized exactly as generated. The spec program includes all the ATAS roof system and wall panel products.

Visit www.atas.com to learn about these online offerings, as well as to research all ATAS products that truly make the company your single-source manufacturer.

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