2010 Metal of Honor: Dynamic Fastener

What is the definition of long life? The answer would vary greatly depending upon the subject. For instance, an African elephant on the Serengeti would be substantially different from a mosquito on your forearm.

Unfortunately for the metal roofer, the same nebulous and misleading signals are sent when some of Dynamic Fastener’s competitors claim their fasteners have a long life coating. Once again, “long life” is just a relative phrase.

To eliminate unnecessary concerns on behalf of its valued customers, Dynamic Fastener quantifies the meaning of “long life.” Since Dyna-Coat premium screw coating passes the 1,000-hour salt spray test, the company proclaims “1,000 Hour” right next to the word Dyna-Coat. Rarely, if ever, does Dynamic Fastener see its competitors touting the tests their screws pass. That is a suspicious omission.

To paraphrase the famous commercial:?“What’s on your fastener?” Removing the uncertainty on this very important topic is easy. Specify Dyna-Coat 1,000-hour salt spray premium coating on all screw requirements.

Dyna-Coat is a premium organic polymer coating designed to provide corrosion resistance for metal fasteners. Fasteners coated with Dyna-Coat exhibit excellent resistance to marring, chipping and abrasion. The color of the coated fastener is metallic silver. Dyna-Coat employs several forms of corrosion resistance, such as replacement, inhibition, envelopment and electrochemistry. These coated fasteners also have strong resistance against acid and alkaline chemicals.

Dynamic Fastener is proud to have been chosen to receive the 2010 Metal of Honor Award by the readers of Metal Roofing Magazine. That devotion from readers is no accident. The company’s success rests on its dedication to service, evident in the following areas:

• Orders received by 3 p.m. CST will ship that day more than 99 percent of the time.

• Dynamic Fastener’s buying power enables it to competitively and successfully sell nationwide. The company has more than 35,000 customers representing all 50 states and 15 foreign countries.

Dynamic Fastener’s free 124-page full-color Tool and Fastener Hand Guide (left) covers fastener applications, engineering data, availability of types, size ranges and fastener materials. In addition to discussing screws and anchors, the guide provides prices and other information relating to flashings, sealants, insulation tapes, safety equipment, hand tools, power tools and more.

There are seven Dynamic locations:

• Raytown, Mo. (main office)

• St. Louis

• Memphis, Tenn.

• St. Paul, Minn.

• Houston

• Melrose Park, Ill.

• Las Vegas

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