2010 Metal of Honor: Everlast Roofing

The times, they are a changin.’

If you were a company supplying high quality metal roofing products and services in today’s world, you may be sitting on top of the world. Everlast Roofing, Inc., however, is not resting on its laurels and the view from the top reveals both opportunities and challenges in the years ahead. With new corporate headquarters located in Lebanon, Pa., there is a strong commitment to the light-gauge marketplace.

Market trends
Consider these growth industry trends:

• With extreme weather playing havoc on homes and businesses, metal roofing continues to grow in many regions of the United States. Having a metal roof is advantageous in areas where wildfires, hurricanes and other extreme conditions exist.

• Metal roofing is an energy saver, especially in hot climates as opposed to shingles and cedar shakes.

• Metal roofs last twice as long — or more — than traditional roofing materials. Such endurance justifies the cost.

• Metal roofs are beautiful, adding long-lasting architectural value to residential and commercial properties alike. Their color, design and durability offer appeal in any region, in every season.

Price, quality, speed
Pick three. That’s how Everlast views its mission and its responsibilities to its customers.
It’s in the Everlast mission: to profitably help our customers succeed by providing them with low cost, high quality metal building components backed by consistent and reliable service that enables them to be more efficient, flexible and responsive to their customers. 

The key emphasis areas for success are customers first; followed by efficient, flexible quality processes; employee satisfaction; supplier support; and a clean, safe work environment.

Today, Everlast’s corporate emphasis is on creating a leaner, more flexible organization that can quickly respond to customers through greater use of technology and capacity building. With the new corporate headquarters completed, the company is now focusing on opening a new manufacturing plant in Boston, so order-to-delivery time is greatly reduced. The scheduled date for the Boston opening for customers in need of Everlast architectural products in the Northeast was April 1. Long-term plans call for more such manufacturing facilities in high-growth areas throughout the nation.

At the heart of Everlast’s success is its Evercure process: a proprietary method to reduce the microscopic cracking and peeling of paint and reduce the risk of surface and edge corrosion. It is Everlast’s legacy in the marketplace: to reduce cracking throughout the manufacturing of metal roofing products, every step of the way.

Honors and awards
Everlast has received Rural Builder’s Gold Key of Excellence Award for seven consecutive years (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) for excellence in product quality and service. The company is the recipient of the Metal of Honor Award from Metal Roofing Magazine for six consecutive years (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) for consistently high standards in serving the metal roofing industry.

In 2006, President Craig Covell was featured in Rural Builder magazine as an industry leader under the age of 40. That same year, Pennsylvania Cable Network Tours taped onsite a segment that continues to broadcast on a periodic basis. (The tour is also available on DVD).

Offering products to the agricultural, commercial, architectural and residential markets, Everlast’s commitment to the industry starts with innovation and ends with quality products. Its services make the quality difference:

• Friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives

• Professional territory sales managers

• Competitive pricing

• Technical advice

• Marketing and advertising

• Ability to fulfill custom orders

• Short turn-around times

• Honoring delivery commitments

• Continuous product development and improvement

No wonder Everlast has a record of industry leadership with a reputation worthy of the compliments and satisfaction of thousands of customers it has received since its founding in 1997. 

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