2013 Idea Book – retrofit suppliers for metal roofing

The Idea Book

ATAS International

Increasing its efforts on the importance of energy efficient building envelope technology, ATAS offers multiple metal roofing retrofit systems. The retrofit profiles include Dutch Seam, Field-Lok and Scan Roof due to their structural capacity. These panel systems can be combined with the ATA-Frame system that can convert existing flat roofs into more efficient sloped metal roof systems. Also offered are systems for metal over existing sloped roof systems. Integration of other energy efficient technologies can easily be added with these retrofit systems.

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EPDM Coatings

The only liquid EPDM rubber in the world is from EPDM Coatings. It is easily applied to metal, rubber, fiberglass, concrete, wood, fabric or foam. Liquid EPDM Rubber Coatings last longer than acrylics, urethanes and elastomerics by three times. It waterproofs immediately upon application. There’s no need to worry about rain on a newly completed roof. EPDM Liquid Rubber is also one of the best waterproofing agents on the market. It’s an excellent water, vapor and gas barrier with a temperature tolerance from 60-below to 300 degrees. It provides ozone and UV stability, broad chemical resistance to acids, high dielectric value, excellent corrosion protection on steel and aluminum. It’s not affected by salts.

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The Garland Company

The Energy Star qualified White-Knight multi-purpose urethane reflective restoration coatings are now available for metal roofing applications. The White-Knight system provides a highly reflective, seamless, monolithic barrier that protects roofs against the corrosive elements that lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks. The system is reinforced with Garland’s Ulti-Mat fiberglass reinforcement. The White-Knight system achieved a reflectivity rating of 80.2 percent and an emittance of 88 percent in independent CRRC testing. The coating requires little maintenance and, with periodic recoatings, will last the life of the building.

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MBCI offers a number of retrofit roofing solutions, including the NuRoof retrofit roof framing system, a trapezoidal standing seam roof over an existing R-panel roof, the innovative Retro-R roofing panel for installation over an existing R-panel and the NuWall retrofit wall system to cover existing R-panel walls in need of an upgrade. MBCI’s vast understanding and knowledge of more than 30 years of retrofit experience allows the company to provide the best options for any building.

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McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal’s retrofit roofing systems convert drab, worn out flat roofs into aesthetically pleasing and functional new roofs. With a retrofit metal roof, building owners enjoy an attractive roof that offers decades of service life and energy savings.

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Metal Sales Mfg. Corp.

Magna-Loc structural standing seam panels, with 2-inch mechanically seamed ribs, are ideal for post-purlin retrofit construction projects. Concealed clip design allows the panels to move with the expansion and contraction of the roof. PVDF and acrylic coated Galvalume finishes are durable and Energy Star listed. Metal Sales also provides erection drawings and engineering support.

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Nationwide Chemical Coatings Mfrs. Inc.

Alumashield is an aluminum filled, water-based, low emissivity, interior radiation control coating (liquid applied thermal barrier), designed mostly for application to the underside of a building’s roof, but can be applied to the interior sides of exterior walls. Think of a chocolate wrapped in foil to keep the heat out and stop the chocolate from melting. When you coat the underside of the roof with Alumashield you substantially reduce the amount of radiant heat entering the building, blocking up to 77.5 percent. It will also help stop heat inside from escaping during colder months. Alumashield will reduce the average utility bill and is a low-cost substitute for metallic foils and metalized plastic film radiant barriers. It has an unlimited life cycle and can be applied to most any surface including wood, plasterboard, metal and concrete.

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TopHat Enhanced Engineering

The TopHat Subframe is the industry’s most advanced retrofit framing system. TopHat Framing Systems provides an array of solutions including TopHat’s Original Strengthening Retrofit, TopHat Quik-Clip Economy Retrofit and TopHat Pitch Clip Slope Conversion Retrofit. TopHat specializes in identifying the best retrofit system for your unique project. Personalized design and engineer services easily move your projects from solution to site. Featuring superior energy efficiency, a stronger structural profile and superior compliance with newly strengthened building codes, TopHat is the unchallenged leader in retrofit metal roofing solutions. The TopHat Subframe is compatible with a variety of standing seam and exposed fastener panels to complete a new roof. The TopHat Subframe is an economical and efficient way to retrofit an existing metal roof.

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Topps Products

Discover the amazing Topps Seal liquid applied 100 percent rubber system that corrects metal roof leaks and surface rust. Topps Seal provides a completely new protective weathering surface that saves unnecessary replacement expense. This comprehensive system seals and locks in every fastener and seam beneath a seamless rubber membrane that moves more as needed. Adapts to any shape. Performs in all climates. The durable solution — available in white for best energy savings and 11 other attractive colors.

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