2013 Idea Book – Solar supplies for metal roofing

The Idea Book

ATAS International

ATA-Solar is a thin-film solar laminate that is applied to a standing seam metal roof to generate renewable solar power from ATAS International. ATA-Solar comes in a variety of systems from 1.5kW to 120kW, and the laminate is applied to the standing seam roof in a factory controlled environment. This ensures proper quality control in the laminate application versus problems that can be encountered during field application.

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Englert Inc.

Englert offers a line of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal products for integration with its LEED and Energy Star compliant metal roofing systems. Customers can choose Englert’s photovoltaic crystalline panels attached to the roof panels with S-5! aluminum clamps. Or they can select SunNet photovoltaic laminates — lightweight, self-adhesive materials adhered directly to the standing seam panels. Also available is an Englert under-the-roof solar thermal energy system that collects the sun’s energy to provide heat for hot water systems.

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MBCI’s solar solutions are an idyllic offering as an alternative energy source by combining MBCI’s metal roofing panels with either glass-based crystalline silicon or flexible thing-film modules. MBCI’s metal roofs provide an ideal substrate for solar arrays because the PV system can be attached to the roof without penetrations. Furthermore, a metal roof is poised to outlive the solar modules, saving removal and replacement costs associated with other roofing materials that have shorter lifespans.

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S-5! Solutions — Circle 219

S-5! solar mounting solutions have successfully attached thousands of PV arrays, generating thousands of megawatts of harvested energy. Since 1994, S-5! has been the leader of solar attachment technology in the metal roofing industry, boasting a line of non-penetrating clamps that fit almost every metal roof profile and work with most rails on the market. The S-5-PV Kit provides an easy, cost-effective DirectAttached solar installation. Its mounting disk is ETL-1703 and UL- 2703 listed for module-to-module conductivity, saving money by eliminating the need for inter-module copper wires and lug bonding.

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For non-penetrating attachments for Solar Panels, SnoBlox-Snojax offers the patented Roof Clamp RC and RCT models, for attaching just about anything to standing seam roofs without penetrating the metal. One-piece design with three cupped tip screws, eliminates the need for assembly in the field and two sizes fit most seams on the market. The patented SnowBreaker product is the best solution for controlling snow and ice avalanches from PV systems on any type of roof. They break the snow and ice into smaller pieces while still allowing it to gradually slide off the panels. Can be installed with new solar array systems or added to existing arrays to help minimize liability and property damage from avalanching snow and ice.

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