2013 Idea Book – Underlayments


The Idea Book

Englert Inc.

Englert’s HT Underlayment features a black non-woven polyester topside. The new self-adhering, slip resistant product is 100 percent UV protected, heat reflective and good for an industry-leading 90 days of exposure. The high tensile strength underlayment comes in two configurations. Englert Premium Roofing Underlayment is a 100 percent synthetic, nailable underlayment providing superior long-term weather barrier performance compared to traditional asphalt felt. Englert Premium Roofing Underlayment features a slip resistant coating on both sides and can be left exposed for up to six months.

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Firestone Building Products

Clad-Gard SA Underlayment is a self-adhered premium metal roofing underlayment with a non-reinforced, rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane for excellent flexibility, superior adhesion and outstanding traction. The membrane is both water and fire resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees. Clad-Gard SA Underlayment can be applied directly to Firestone Building Products ISO 95+ GL Insulation, Isogard HD Cover Board, Resista Insulation, HailGard Composite Insulation, OSB and plywood substrates.

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Kirsch Building Products

Sharkskin: Setting the standards. Sharkskin Comp, with metric shingle lay liners, matches the shingle warranty, installs with hammer tacker staples, 25-year warranty under metal. Sharkskin Ultra and Ultra SA offer a 50-year warranty and are designed for the high temperatures under metal, tile and slate. All-Weather peel & stick offers a 12-month UV exposure and a 50-year warranty. Sharkskin Ultra Radiant offers energy savings, a 50-year warranty and 12-month UV exposure for batten and counter batten installations.

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Levi’s Nails & Screws

RoloShield 50 is a synthetic underlayment that is 10 times lighter, 20 times stronger and installs twice as fast as 30-pound felt. Crews install it quickly because it is lightweight, has clearly printed overlap lines and nailing patterns. Plus it is the most slip resistant in the industry. It lays flat and drapes nicely into valleys and over hips. RoloShield 50 can be exposed on the roof for six months with no degradation. It is 100 percent polypropylene. It will not wrinkle when storms drench the roof so wind has a hard time catching the edge. RoloShield 50 carries a 50-year warranty, a class A fire rating, a greener environment and more profit potential on your next job.

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MFM Building Products

MFM Wind & Water Seal Plus is a 40-mil, high-temperature rated waterproofing underlayment composed of a reinforced, non-slip polymer film laminated to a rubberized asphalt adhesive. It is engineered for use under all roofing materials, particularly metal roofing system where extreme heat is generated. Rated to 250 degrees, it may be left exposed for 60 days and comes with a 10-year warranty. MFM Wind & Water Seal Plus meets ASTM D 1970, Florida Building Code FL 11842.3 and is Miami-Dade County approved.

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RoofAquaGuard is from an established 100-year-old manufacturer specializing in new, innovative roofing and siding products providing the latest solutions. RoofAquaGuard produces superior non-slip, breathable and non-breathable, water and moisture repelling underlayments and siding products. With its International know-how, and technical expertise, RoofAquaGuard supports you every step of the way. Its business is all about guaranteed waterproofing and protection from the elements of nature.

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SDP Advanced Polymer Products

Palisade synthetic underlayment features category leading Stronghold wet surface skid-resistant technology for superior applicator safety under wet/dusty installation conditions. Palisade utilizes advanced woven PP high-strength construction and Kool Blue (eight times cooler than felt) non-glare surface technology and delivers six months UV/wind/rain exposure and 300 degrees temperature rated performance. Palisade-SA-HT is a high-temperature (250 degrees) self-adhered underlayment with Stronghold wet surface skid resistant Kool Blue surface technology and six-month UV exposure. Palisade underlayments combine to offer all-roofing type advanced system performance for both residential and metal roofing applications.

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Sealtite Building Fasteners

Sealtite supplies steel-frame and post-frame screws for agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential metal roof applications. Product strengths are drill quality and corrosion resistance, showcased on the Maxx Steelbinder drill screw and Kwikseal II post-frame screw. Both products are greatly enhanced by Sealtite’s mechanical zinc plating & powder coat paint process, which improves corrosion resistance 300 percent versus wet-paint processes. In 2012, Sealtite will expand its powder coat capacity 25 percent to handle the increased demand for this quality process. Solid and vented foam closure strips, pipe flashings, pancake and wafer head screws for standing seam roofs, and other accessories round out the product line.

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Underlayment Specialties Plus

USP has more than 40 years of expertise in building materials, developing safety and performance based products that are competitively priced and technologically advanced. USP offers three unique high-performance products. RoofTopGuard II premium synthetic underlayment was carefully engineered to be the safest, best performing underlayment available, making it the premium brand on the market. Roofers Choice II Synfelt Underlayment is infused with the same engineering found in Premium synthetic underlayments without compromising safety or performance at a great price, making it the industry’s best buy. IPP is the perfect solution for a metal or tile application as well as ice damming.

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