Applicad meets the challenge

AppliCad announced the release of its world renowned software for roofing and cladding take-off with support for multiple languages – Spanish, German and French  are complete and ready to ship.
With recent Government figures indicating that an increasing number of people, especially in the American Southern states and in the roofing trades, speak Spanish as their first language, it was an easy decision for AppliCad management to make this most significant investment in their software.
Ray Smith, Managing Director of AppliCad adds, “While AppliCad is a modest Australian based  developer, we have a world wide focus exporting to 35 countries now.  Solving the issue of language was essential if we were truly the easiest roofing and cladding program to use.”
“AppliCad software has the most complete suite of tools for roofing in the world, against any comparison.  No doubt, there is a lot to learn if you are to get the most from our software, it is a professional product. We have just removed another barrier to successful implementation.” He said.
“These are challenging times and making the people you have now more effective a large part of this problem goes away!  Improve efficiency, improve accuracy, make more money.”
For more information and a live online demonstration of the benefits of AppliCad, please contact
our local manager Chas Wilson – Direct line: 561 319 8822

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