AppliCad offers free software solutions

Last year AppliCad developed an online 3D roof modeling application called RoofScape that is linked to the web server to produce roofing bids using the roofer’s own rates and charges.  
The system allows a roofer to operate remotely and online. Prepare and  access their take-off and quotation from anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection – from a client’s office or the roofer’s truck! The RoofScape software is a result of AppliCad’s "top-down" development strategy that delivers the world’s most powerful 3D roof
modelling and estimating tools.
Hundreds of roofers all over the world have logged onto the website and downloaded the RoofScape application and taken advantage of the software for free for 30 days. Thereafter, they paid the monthly service fee for continued use of the application.
Not any more! As of today, AppliCad has completely unlocked the service and the whole thing is now available completely free of charge.  
“I am so tired of hearing the media highlight what’s wrong with the world markets and the greed of individuals; with the talk of recession and unemployment and all the tragedy that goes with that.  I want some good news,” says Ray Smith, managing director of AppliCad.  “The so-called Global Financial Crisis is bad news for nearly everyone and we need to look
forward with a little more confidence than we are now.  As a business, whatever we can do to improve the situation of our friends and colleagues in the industry, I believe we have an obligation to do.  AppliCad has something that we can contribute and in our own small way, stick our finger in the air to the GFC.  Our contribution is”
At the AppliCad Roofing Applications Development Centre (RADC), the team are always thinking about the next challenge.  They can’t fix the GFC, but they can make a difference.  RoofScape and the web site are part of the AppliCad portfolio of some of the most innovative systems for roofing, in the world.  RoofScape is a stand-alone
application that can be downloaded directly from the web site, used outside of the web service and shared freely with friends and colleagues in the roofing industry.  Importantly and unlike other "freebies", RoofScape is not a dead end product, far from it.
RoofScape is a powerful application in its own right providing all the required tools to model any roof geometry in 3D and extract roof areas and lengths.  Indeed, it is exactly the same set of 3D roof modelling tools that you will find in all the AppliCad roofing applications — no exceptions.  As a result, should a roofer wish to upgrade to any of the AppliCad professional
programs at any time in the future, everything he or she has learned using RoofScape can be applied to the more advanced and specialised programs.  In addition, all the files created in RoofScape can also be read into the professional quoting systems that AppliCad produces — like the now famous Roof Wizard and Sorcerer programs.
Indeed, RoofScape can even be used to model and estimate roofs from satellite image services such as Google Earth – for free! (NOTE: Use of Google Earth is subject to Google’s license agreement and AppliCad has no commercial interest in Google.)
Indeed, in its history, the AppliCad RADC has been the first to release many new innovations for roofing and cladding estimating — first with automated roof modelling tools (released 18 years ago); automated metal cutting lists (released 17 years ago); automated tile coursing for estimating tiles and reducing waste (released 14 years ago); optimising roof panel off-
cuts to reduce waste (released eight years ago); automated custom trim workshop details (released 12 years ago); roofing applications for the PocketPC (released nearly ten years ago) — the list goes on and includes recent innovations such as the rainfall harvesting calculator and sun shadow analysis of roof structures.
More recently, the AppliCad RADC has released tools to assist designers optimize the placement of solar panels.  Smart tools that place the panels on the roof model and automatically quantify all the accessory items for the installation of the panels, plus the remainder of the roof and roof trim.  A complete roofing package quotation – perfect!
Whether the roof and associated structures are residential or commercial, the AppliCad tools still apply.  
If you and your company don’t wish to participate in the GFC and insist on moving forward, check out what AppliCad is doing.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  Get into RoofScape and go your hardest with our compliments and best wishes for the future.

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