AppliCad out on new domain

AppliCad is pleased to announce the launch of its new web domain,

The new site builds on all the information about roofing and estimating software products AppliCad has collected over nearly 20 years in the industry. AppliCad now distributes software to 37 countries around the world and is arguably the leading software developer for roofing and wall cladding systems. The new website has details of all the AppliCad roof estimating products, how they work, how they improve efficiency and even an interactive return on investment (ROI) calculator so that you can input your situation and quickly determine the payback on your investment in quality software for estimating. The calculator will show that doing just 10 bids a week, the payback can be as little as 4 months. Visit the site and plug your numbers in — see how quality software can improve your business returns. 

You will also find many discussion papers and tips about waste reduction and making your operations more "green." The support pages include dozens of tips to using the software more effectively, with many including a short video clip explaining the use of advanced features. AppliCad has the most powerful tools for 3D roof modelling in the world and it does take some practice to use them. The video clips are being updated and added almost daily, so visit frequently to keep up to date. There is no roof AppliCad cannot model and no material AppliCad cannot prepare a proposal for.

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