ASMI accepts MCA report on increased service life of metal roofing

CHICAGO, IL – The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute (ASMI) has accepted a recent report published by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) that verifies certain metal roof systems can have a service life of at least 60 years. The service life report served as the technical substantiation required for Athena to change the useful service life of this type of roofing product to 60 years, which can be longer than the buildings they cover.

“We are honored that our service life study for metal roofing met Athena’s high standards and will now be used in whole building life cycle assessments for buildings throughout the country,” says Scott Kriner, MCA’s Technical Director

Athena’s software allows for whole building LCA assessment, taking into account all materials, systems, assemblies and components used in a given type of building. The Metal Roof Service Life report, which was sponsored by MCA and the ZAC Association, studied the service life of unpainted 55% Al-Zn low slope standing seam metal roofing in a wide range of different environments across the U.S. The report has been uploaded to the Athena Institute’s website found at

The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute is a non-profit research collaborative bringing life cycle assessment to the construction sector. Athena aims for increased sustainability in the production and consumption of construction materials. Data and software from the Athena Institute helps leaders in sustainability (architects, engineers, builders and manufacturers) get accurate, essential information about the footprint of their projects or materials. Athena’s work enables informed environmental decisions within a whole-system and life cycle context.

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