Butler site dedicated to metal roofing

Butler Manufacturing has launched a new website that features the full line of Butler® metal roof systems for new and reroof building applications.

The website presents the benefits of selecting a Butler metal roof system to reroof an existing building or as the original roof system on a new building. Butler roof systems can be applied on both preengineered or conventional buildings and are backed by the building industry’s leading warranties. In most cases, a new Butler roof can be installed over-the-top of an existing roof without major disruptions in the facility’s occupancy or operations. Also addressed are methods for enhancing a building’s energy efficiency with Cool Roof-rated Butler-Cote™ color finishes and high R-value insulation methods.   

Butler introduced the top-ranked MR-24® standing seam metal roof system in 1969. It has been installed on more than two-billion square feet of buildings in every climate. The Energy Star® rated MR-24 roof system has earned the most recognized performance ratings for wind uplift resistance and has undergone extensive tests to establish certified performance values for alternative insulation methods.  Butler metal roof systems can contribute up to two points and Butler building systems up to four points in various LEED credits when LEED certification is the goal for the building project.

To learn more, visit the website: www.newandretrofitroofs.com.

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