Carlisle improves underlayment

Carlisle Residential, a division of Carlisle Construction Materials, added a split-release liner to its Water & Ice Protection 100 and 200 self-adhering roofing underlayments, making these products even easier to handle and install and significantly reducing the time required for labor.

WIP 100 is a flexible, rubberized asphalt fiberglass-reinforced membrane that provides a durable, versatile product. Offering supreme protection against damage caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams, this granular underlayment can be used on a variety of critical roof areas such as ridges, eaves, rakes, hips, valleys, dormers and skylights.

Similar in composition to WIP 100, WIP 200 is a film-surfaced membrane, consisting of fiberglass-reinforced rubberized asphalt laminated to an impermeable polyethylene film layer, providing dual-barrier moisture protection. Both products provide superior protection and durability, sealing around roofing nails, staples and screws intended to lengthen the life of the building’s roof.

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