Classic look of metal: FalZinc

Classic-Drexel FalZinc2.jpgThe material core of FalZinc, also known as Foldable Aluminum Zinc, consists of .032-inch aluminum with an alloy initially processed to accurately balance the physical properties and is then subjected to a special temperature treatment that gives the material its outstanding qualities for shaping and forming. In the Pegal procedure, patented by Corus, a zinc surface is applied to the aluminum core. FalZinc, distributed by Drexel Metals, is a superior product that is extremely installer friendly.

The result is a building product that unites ease and elegance.
FalZinc also is very environmentally friendly. In an exemplary way, FalZinc meets one of the most important ecological requirements: preservation of resources. Because of its low inherent weight and high form stability, design requirements can be met with comparatively little expenditure in terms of material and supplies.

Classic-Drexel FalZinc.jpgExcellent corrosion resistance makes FalZinc almost indestructible and guarantees many decades of complete building protection. Even under the most adverse environmental influences practically no erosion of the surface occurs. Thus, FalZinc offers a long, environmentally friendly working life. All FalZinc components are 100 percent recyclable and any FalZinc parts not usable or are surplus to requirements for extensions or alterations can be returned for recycling.

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