Cool solution

A unique option for retrofitting a failing roof is the single-ply solution from Duro-Last. The Michigan manufacturer produces a product called Duro-Shield, made to be installed over existing metal roofs or flat roofing.

Harold Hall Roofing, with Arkansas locations in Little Rock, Pine Bluff and hot Springs, as well as Memphis, Tenn., was called in to take a look at an old and failing metal roof at a manufacturing/office facility in Little Rock. The front of the building housed the offices and was air-conditioned. The back was where the manufacturing was going on — and had no air-conditioning.

“They probably let it go a little longer than they should have,” says Jamie Hall of Harold Hall Roofing. “They had leaking problems.”
Hall says the building owner saw his TV commercial and requested more information. “Once we gave them the presentation, I think they were happy to give something new a try,” he says.

The Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing system is a cost-effective, single-ply roofing solution that can be installed directly over existing metal roofs. The Duro-Shield system is leak-proof, virtually maintenance-free and backed by a comprehensive 15-year full warranty or a 20-year prorated warranty. According to Hall, the watertight Duro-Shield is lightweight — about .3 pounds per square foot — has no exposed fasteners, no seams and is flexible enough to meet expansion and contraction requirements. This project ended up requiring 24 sheets to cover 51,685 square feet.

“Duro-Last is easy to work with,” Hall says. “We’re not exposing building contents like you would if you tear off metal decking and the liability is so much less because we can go in without disturbing business.

“It’s a great way to add insulation and R-value, makes it much quieter.” Hall says. “It’s a permanent fix.”

White in color, the Duro-Shield roofing system is the long-term way to protect a building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up and rust and corrosion, while providing a “cool” roof, attained through high emissivity and reflectivity ratings.

“I have people tell me all the time …  buildings not heated or cooled, in the summer, their new roof knocks off 10-15 degrees in manufacturing area,” Hall says, “so energy (savings) is big thing.”

For this project, the failing R-panel was topped by insulation in the fluting of the panels. Then, a flat insulation board was installed as a decking for the Duro-Shield.

This job was completed more than a year ago, so the building owner has had time to appreciate the value. Darrin Boatman of Duro-Last reports the building owner is pleased with the difference in temperature within the building — it’s cooler in the unconditioned space in the warehouse.

“The system exceeded everything we told them it would do,” Hall says. “And it’s a very user friendly with metal roofs. We’d had very good success with it.”

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