Custom-Bilt Metals breaks out FusionSolar

Custom-Bilt Metals, launched its new FusionSolar system, a more-affordable, turn-key rooftop solar power system. 

When builders, contractors and homeowners specify FusionSolar with a standing seam roof, they get a complete system, including all necessary components, detailed schematics and specifications for wiring and electrical components that an electrical subcontractor needs for installation. Since no specialized solar installer expertise is required, sheet metal and roofing professionals are able to install the standing seam roof just as they would a standard metal roof.

“By focusing on two core principles, simplicity and a lower cost of installation, we’re delivering a better solar power system,” says Tony Chiovare, president of Custom-Bilt Metals. “Additionally we are providing builders, contractors and their prospective customers with an ROI report to help them determine their payback period and to understand how much of their total power consumption they stand to offset by generating clean, renewable and dependable solar power.”

Custom-Bilt Metals has consistently led the market in metal roofing materials by delivering environmentally sustainable metal roofing products through ‘cool roof’ innovation. The new and innovative solar system is an effective roofing solution for virtually any roofing project, new building or replacement roof. 

The company is also pleased to have the FusionSolar system awarded the PCBC 2009 “Cool Product” designation in the energy saver category. 

Solar satisfaction
Unlike visually obtrusive polycrystalline panels that are ‘racked’ and attached by drilling through a roof, FusionSolar is fused directly to the standing seam panel, visually blending in without penetrating the roof. Lying flat on top of the surface, the flexible thin film flows with the roof profile even on curved designs.

Once installed, the laminate can be safely walked on without causing damage and unlike solar glass can’t be damaged by a neighborhood kid’s baseball or other flying objects.

Offering a lower cost-per-watt than roof-mounted polycrystalline panels and in most cases FusionSolar will pay for itself within ten years or less. Once installed, it’s a fixed cost that is immune from rate hikes that may be likely in an unstable economy. In addition, FusionSolar currently qualifies for a variety of federal and state tax credits and other incentives. 

The FusionSolar difference
Simplicity, affordability and good looks are the big differences with FusionSolar. Unlike rack-mounted solar roofing, FusionSolar thin-film laminate blends in with the roof’s intended style, covering all, or just a portion of any standing seam roof.

The green building envelope attributes of FusionSolar in combination with energy savings make it the ideal solar product for this day and age. The FusionSolar thin-film laminate technology achieves a higher relative efficiency under high temperatures and low light than solar glass.

Project savings are derived from the use of fewer roofing and racking materials and the more cost-effective solar thin-film technology purchased right from the builder, sheet metal or roofing professional.

Additional benefits of the FusionSolar more affordable solar system includes:

•    A durable thin-film laminate solution adhered to standing seam metal roofing and able to withstand winds of up to 160 miles per hour

•    The capacity to be individually tailored; delivered on standing seam panels in 9’ or 18’ lengths, the system is able to be scaled to deliver 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 and 120 kW-sized output

•    Specifications and hardware so that any electrical contractor can make the simple connections to the homes’ electrical service

•    A 20 year warranty on FusionSolar systems in addition to Custom-Bilt Metals already generous warranty on its standing seam metal roofing materials

•    The capability to qualify for up to 7 LEED points in the on-site renewable energy category, a strong step forward in achieving this nationally-recognized green building designation

•    The ability to qualify for local, state and national tax incentives; Log onto to find out about a solar incentive program near you

To learn more about Custom-Bilt Metals’ FusionSolar standing seam-integrated rooftop solar power generation system and other energy-efficient products visit  See FusionSolar at PCBC in Booth S-2329.

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