Developing A Sales System

WEB-1_3-Editorial-Isaiah-Pic-page-22-RMRER-logo-copy copyWhen it comes to selling, what is your “Holy Grail?” Do you dream of that “perfect system,” which maximizes your chances of closing deals? Successful contractors follow defined systems and processes that lead them to higher sales. Considerable commitment is required to implement these systems but it is these systems that separate high-growth, high-quality contractors from everyone else.

Contractors with a professional sales system are the ones becoming big fish in the big pond of residential metal roofing. They know how to help homeowners appreciate the value of metal roofing. It is that value appreciation which causes homeowners to make decisions to purchase metal roofs for their homes.

A successful sales system will define the details of every interaction with prospective customers including marketing and lead generation, appointment setting and first impressions, a professional sales presentation and referral maximization. Contractors who develop (and follow!) these systems are able to build great value for the prospect and, as a result, enjoy higher closing ratios and more profitable sales.

Included in a sales presentation will be Needs Analysis—helping homeowners to emotionally grasp the benefits of a metal roof. Successful contractors also include attic inspection as part of their process to help uncover potentially dangerous problems in relation to insulation and ventilation. They will then present each of their product benefits, accepting verification from the prospect, and moving them closer to a positive decision. The entire process will often require two to three hours.

A professional sales system allows contractors to consistently reach their desired goals, removing the “guesswork,” worries and stress that can normally hallmark their businesses. If that is your “Holy Grail,” get started today!

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