Doyle retires from Berridge after 21 years

After 21 years of dedicated service, David Doyle retired from Berridge Manufacturing Company on October 29. The vice-president of marketing announced his retirement earlier this year.

Doyle began working at Berridge in November 1988 and is responsible for many of the marketing initiatives seen today. He was paramount in developing content and producing Berridge literature and media such as our Sweet’s Catalog and The Berridge Total Program brochures, the Berridge Byline, Green Architectural Binders, product data sheets and many other Berridge publications, literature and multi-media which communicate information on Berridge products and services. In 1997 Doyle developed, making it a primary source of information for architects and for potential and current customers. In addition to producing and updating Berridge media, Doyle was also responsible for managing Berridge independent sales representatives across the country as well as maintaining our presence at national industry trade shows. To date, he has attended more than 80 trade shows around the country and has forged many friendships in the architectural metal industry over the past 21 years.

“The past 21 years have been very rewarding, working with Jack Berridge and my fellow employees in the growth of Berridge as the preeminent force in the architectural metal roofing industry. Jack Berridge is truly the pioneer in this industry and it has been an honor to learn from him and work for his company,” Doyle said.

The Oklahoma State University graduate served in the United States Navy from 1961-1964 and the Naval Reserves from 1965-1990. He held several marketing positions at various metal building manufacturing companies over a span of 18 years prior to working at Berridge.

"Berridge Manufacturing would like to thank Doyle for his longstanding service to the company and the metal roofing community.  We congratulate him in his well-deserved retirement," the company said in a release.

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