E-Z Gutter releases E-Z-Smooth Flow gutter screen

E-Z Gutter, a manufacturer of steel and aluminum gutter guards, has broadened its gutter guard product offering with the introduction of new E-Z Smooth Flow to its line of perforated, painted aluminum gutter guards.

E-Z Smooth FlowThis effective and simple-to-install aluminum gutter guard recesses into the gutter and fastens to the front edge of the gutter with stainless-steel screws, which are provided. The oversized holes allow rainwater to easily pass through, but prevent debris from entering the gutter.

This new gutter guard is designed for maximum debris load and heavy water loads, and when installed, it does not disturb the shingles. E-Z Smooth Flow comes in 6-foot lengths and in 5- or 6-inch widths, and is available with a 5-Year Peace of Mind Warranty. See the website for details.

E-Z Gutter manufactures 15 different models of gutter guard protection, with multiple levels of mesh screens, multiple types of solid covers, and multiple types of metals — from powder-coated steel and aluminum to mill-finish and painted aluminum. Many of the gutter guard designs are exclusive to E-Z Gutter, and are patent-protected. 

E-Z Gutter products are manufactured by Midwest Enterprises, a family-run business with the knowledge and experience to product the highest quality common-sense products that are high performance, yet easily installed. They pride themselves on being the gutter installers’ best friend.

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