Editor’s Log: “It’s not your fault, it’s the asphalt”

Thanks to Advanced Metal Roofing Corp., for providing an easy headline to write. It’s simple and to the point.
Advanced Metal Roofing of Wilmington, N.C., applied for and received trademark certification for its new company slogan: “It’s not your fault, it’s the asphalt.”

Advanced is a residential metal roofing company serving eastern North Carolina. Owner Jim Kenton believes metal roofing is a superior material for homes, especially when compared to an alternative (one might say temporary) material such as asphalt.

Like many great ideas, the slogan was inspired by a meeting of the minds.

“A couple of managers and I were just hanging around one night having a few beers and talking about the business — our wives would tell you that’s all we talk about,” Kenton says. “At the time we were contemplating an ad campaign and decided that we needed a catchy slogan. No one actually takes full credit for the slogan — we were just bouncing ideas around and someone came up with one part of it, someone else put the finishing touch on it.

“We applied for the trademark because of the immediate response the slogan generated. It seemed like whenever someone saw our logo they were telling the person next to them, ‘That’s the get off your asphalt company.’ Realizing we had a valuable commodity, I checked into whether this slogan was ever trademarked or copyrighted. I then searched the web for usage of this phrase relating to roofing and again came up empty. In the retail environment, I believe intellectual property is at least as important as your trucks or your office — it determines how your business is perceived by the consumer.”

Advanced forms roofing product in-house, including all trim components, using Schechtl machinery. The company purchases coil from MBCI and McElroy Metal.

Advanced Metal Roofing’s slogan may bring a smile to the faces of customers and potential customers, but Kenton is serious about metal roofing.

“Metal roofing is superior to asphalt shingles and is the best choice for your home,” he says.

You all know that or you wouldn’t be in the business of selling and installing investment grade roofing. Metal roofing products cost more than asphalt products, although some say the gap in price is closing. That can only mean good news for you and your customers.

While it may be true, for the time being, the number of new homes being built is down, there are still plenty of homes already built in need of new roofing because the asphalt shingles are no longer able to do the job they were installed to do.

Asphalt shingles are the inexpensive temporary fix, but again, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. What Metal Roofing Magazine hopes to provide in this issue is some help at increasing your share of the residential re-roofing market.
We rounded up stories from a dozen roofing contractors from throughout the U.S., all making a big part of their living in the residential re-roofing market. They’re installing everything from standing seam roofing to stone-coated shingles.

In their stories, they share what works for them. What are customers really looking for? What eventually sells them on investing in metal? What do they understand about metal roofing and what do they need to be educated on?

Maybe some of their ideas can help. Take a look and good luck. You’re offering the superior product — get off your asphalt and let them know about it.

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