Energy efficient products

ABC premium quality panels are made from 25-35 percent recycled materials and are 100 percent recyclable products. As an Energy Star partner, many of the company’s cool roof colors have reflectivity performance levels that meet Energy Star criteria at 2:12 pitch or greater, offering considerable energy savings. Cool metal roof colors offer energy savings significant to both economical and environmental standpoints. ABC metal roofs are energy efficient, sustainable, recyclable, durable, lightweight and cost effective.

Arkema has produced a water-based Kynar 500 fluoropolymer resin that can be field-applied to a range of surfaces, including previously coated fluoropolymer metal roofing or siding. White coatings using this new innovative Kynar Aquatec technology offer the highest initial total solar reflectance and longest lasting retention of reflectance than any other conventional water-based roof coating. This allows a building owner to achieve the maximum energy savings from a “cool” white roof.

Atlas Roofing
Polyiso ACFoam is a Zero HCFC’s product with excellent R-values, available in 4×4 foot and 4×8-foot panels. ACFoam CrossVent polyiso insulation is a thermally efficient 4×8 foot board with 1-inch, 1-1/2-inch or 2-inch vent spacer strips separating 7/16-inch APA/TECO rated OSB from the insulation to create a cross ventilating airspace and available in thicknesses of 2.5 to 6.5 inches. ACFoam Nail Base Insulation is a polyiso insulation board bonded to 7/16-inch APA/TECO rated OSB on the topside and with a glass reinforced felt facer on the bottom. Available in 4×8 foot sheets in thicknesses of 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Architectural Metal Systems
AMS developed CoolScape panels to meet the needs of the energy conscious, providing an attractive panel option that also maximizes efficiency and cost-savings. The panels feature vivid, fade-resistant color, incredible durability and environmentally friendly cool technology which was originally developed for the stealth aircraft in the U.S. Military.  The energy-cost savings, architectural appeal, variety of profiles, texture and color, flexibility and long-term durability make CoolScape panels a popular choice for architects and building owners.

BASF Corporation
BASF is a leading global supplier of energy efficient coatings for the metal roofing industry. BASF’s industry-renowned premium coatings Ultra-Cool, Superl SP II and Vari-Cool deliver high-performance reflectivity that reduce heat levels on vital applications like metal roofing. The heat reflectivity of these coatings reduces energy and fossil fuel consumption and lessens peak energy demand and carbon footprint. These heat reflective coatings from BASF are available in a full spectrum of colors and provide exceptional color stability, durability, chemical-resistance and flexibility.

Berger Building Products
The Pro-Master line of ventilation products improves energy efficiency. Pro-Master Standard box vent, Pro-Master ridge vent, Pro-Master Highpoint Series 5 ridge vent and Pro-Master Highpoint Series 7 ridge vent all offer durable, long-lasting and cost effective solutions to increase air flow and help decrease cooling/heating costs.

Berridge Manufacturing
All Berridge colors are Energy Star rates and most qualify under LEED 2.2. The company offers a free brochure on Green, Energy-Efficient Kynar 500 Colors.

Conklin Products
The company’s line of energy efficient roofing systems begins with sprayed polyurethane. The extensive line of coatings all feature the highest reflectivity available as well as being environmentally friendly, water-based systems easy to apply with non-prorated 10- to 15-year warranties.

Cornell Corporation
Vent-Top ThermaCal ventilated roof insulation combines isocyanurate or XPS foam (customer choice) with a standard 1-inch airspace (larger airspaces available) and sheathing to create a 4×8 foot nominal panel that provides both roof insulation and sheathing ventilation to cool your roof in summer, retard ice dams in winter.

Dawn Solar
Renewable energy systems that integrate seamlessly with a building’s architecture, providing energy security and storm resistant systems that reduce building operating costs by replacing fossil fuels and electricity with solar energy. Residential and commercial systems can generate electricity along with hot water and warm air, all harvested from pre-engineered site built collectors that are installed under a broad variety of mainstream roofing and siding products.

Decra Roofing Systems
Decra offers Tile and Shake in the Energy Star-rated color, Mist Grey. With a long-standing reputation for performance, longevity, versatility and beauty, Tile and Shake now also offers energy savings. Meeting the requirements of LEED Site Selection Credit 7.2 — Heat Island Effect, the new Mist Grey color is Energy Star-compliant and meets the minimum emissivity of .9 when tested in accordance with ASTM E408.

Drexel Metals
Drexel offers Energy Star listed metal roof systems all with a minimum of solar reflectance of 25 percent. Products contribute to multiple LEED credits including recyclability, TE and solar as well. Through the Drexel Solar system, contractors can learn how to install and promote building integrated photovoltaics where energy can be produced directly from the roof system as well as thermal systems that help to heat water using the heat flux from a Drexel roof system.

For buildings with aging metal roofs, the single-ply Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing system can be installed right over an existing roof without an expensive tear-off. Duro-Shield system’s white membrane is also highly energy-efficient, reflecting up to 87 percent of the sun’s energy and delivering real utility cost savings.

EPDM Coatings
Liquid Rubber is the only liquid form of EPDM available. Liquid Roof and Rubber is nearly identical to sheet EPDM but with the advantage of being a liquid.

Englert manufacturers and distributes a wide range of standing seam metal roofing profiles coated in 26 different UltraCool colors compliant with Energy Star and U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification. Standing seam profiles from Englert can directly earn up to nine LEED credits for energy efficiency, recyclability and reuse, and can help earn an additional seven credits for water efficiency and reduction. The first LEED Platinum certified residence on the East Coast has an Englert metal roof.

ERSystems highly reflective top coat, Eraguard Clean Coat, resists dirt pick-up and retains 95 percent of its original reflectivity over a three-year period when applied as a thin layer (two dry mils) over standard acrylic roof coatings.

Environmentally Safe Products
Low-E Insulation is a non-toxic, polyethylene closed cell foam and aluminum design, making it Low-E resistant to the transfer of heat through convection, conduction and radiation. Low-E products are easy to work with, versatile and superior in energy efficiency making them one of the best investments for residential and commercial applications.

The company’s Solar SSR system was designed with the highest quality, UL approved components. The flexibility and durability of these laminates make them ideal for metal roofs, where expansion, contraction and curving are considerations.

Ferro Corporation
Ferro Corporation is the leader in cool color pigments for energy efficient and solar reflective applications. Cool color pigments are used in roofing applications to reflect solar heat and make a roof cooler and more energy efficient. They are used in Energy Star, LEED, California and other regulations to mitigate Urban Heat Island and lower Energy Costs.

Garland Company
Solex eco-friendly highly reflective roof coating is formulated from Kynar Aquatec polyvinylidene fluoride, a water-based, fluoropolymer-acrylic resin and can reduce rooftop temperatures by as much as 80 degrees. The reflectance of Solex outlasts the industry standard of three years and provides a predictable energy savings with virtually no maintenance requirements.

Hunter Panels
Cool-Vent is a rigid roof insulation panel composed of polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured as a ventilated nail base roof insulation panel. This steep slope insulation board is manufactured to provide sustainable thermal insulating characteristics, while permitting air circulation within the roof assembly.

Major Industries
Reduce light pollution, optimize energy performance and improve indoor environmental quality without sacrificing quality or beauty. Guardian 275 translucent daylighting panels can be configured to fit every design and budget, with the added advantage of possible LEED credit opportunities.

Metacrylics layered blanket of elastomeric acrylics encapsulate a tough stitch-bonded polyester fabric. This is applied to all overlapped corrugated metal panels and fasteners and around all penetrations and gutters. Choose from five Standard Colors, 60 Custom Colors, or select Metacrylics White, an Energy Star Certified Roof Product that keeps the roof cool in summer.

Metals USA
Metals USA Building Products’ Gerard and Allmet stone-coated steel roof systems are comprised of natural energy efficient materials that are 100 percent recyclable. The products reduce fuel consumption, thus reducing fossil fuels being burned into the atmosphere that cause pollution and smog. Metals USA offers a variety of Energy Star qualified colors that will further enhance the energy efficiencies and cost savings for home owners and businesses alike. 

Metl-Span III CFR is an insulated metal standing seam roof panel and is the newest innovation in all-in-one composite roof panel design combining durable interior and exterior faces with Metl-Span’s unmatched blister-free polyurethane core. Careful design parameters have enabled Metl-Span to create an incomparable roof system that is easily and quickly installed without dependence on highly skilled labor.

Met-Tile’s cool roof line uses a Super Series 4800 Super Cool SMP architectural coating system. The coatings have solar reflectivity values ranging from 26 up to 67-plus percent, meeting and in some cases greatly exceeding Energy Star requirements. Met-Tile is an Energy Star partner.

The Mule-Hide product line includes single-ply membranes and accessories, plus a complete line of low-slope roofing maintenance and repair products including elastomeric acrylic coatings. Mule-Hide is an Energy Star partner, a member of the Cool Roof Rating Council, USGBC, RCMA, RRCI, GRHC, SPRI and NRCA.

MWI Components
TempShield is a safe, easy-to-use thermal insulating material that provides cost-effective high-efficiency performance for a wide range of applications. It is a technologically advanced insulation material ideal for new construction or retrofit installation in residential, commercial, industrial, metal buildings and post-frame buildings. TempShield insulation consists of one or two layers of Barrier Bubble air cellular material laminated between layers of aluminum foil to provide excellent thermal resistance.

Nationwide Chemical Coatings
Permakote Silver Seal is an elastomeric acrylic, ceramic filled, aluminum silver metallic protective coating designed for metal. It uses a latex, water-based formula that has waterproofing, insulating and reflective properties. It forms a durable rubber-like protection shield that expands and contracts with varying temperatures, and resists thermal shock.

Open Energy Corporation
SolarSave product lines are systems that combine renewable energy generation with standard building materials. The SolarSave roofing membrane line is designed for commercial and residential flat to low-slope roofs, integrating photovoltaic modules with single-ply roofing applications. The SolarSave roofing tile line is designed for residential and commercial higher pitched roofs, integrating photovoltaic tiles with many standard roofing materials.

Paradigm Shingles
Copper shingles are manufactured from 95 percent or greater recycled copper (99-plus percent pure) and premium solar reflective painted Galvalume and aluminum shingles. Painted shingles are made with finest substrates combining new and recycled metals and are coated with Energy Star compliant paints in a wide variety of standard and low gloss colors. Products can save you up to 20 percent on energy costs and are environmentally friendly from start to finish — manufactured from recycled materials, energy efficient, long lifespan and recyclable at end of use.

Polyglass USA
Polyglass provides the complete package for any roofing project with its extensive offering of high-performance reflective coatings, including its PolyPlus and PG product lines. PolyPlus 65 provides enhanced reflectivity and PG 650 provides long-lasting reflectivity and durability.

Rare Manufacturing
Shake n’ Tile steel roofs reflect and dissipate the sun’s heat, which helps keep your attic cool. Cool roofs last longer than those that retain more heat; the effects of degradation from thermal expansion and contraction are reduced and well documented. Because cool roofs experience much less temperature differential during the day, expansion and contraction are nearly eliminated.

RoofMart International
Garna-Thane is a single component, liquid applied, radiant barrier. This Energy Star rated product is a PolyGlycolä elastomeric topcoat that protects roofing and wall systems monolithically.

Scandinavian Profiling Systems
The company offers its Nordman tile with Kynar 500 Ultra-Cool colors finish.

Shepherd Color Company
Shepherd specializes in high-performance ceramic colorants. These pigments enhance the value of roofing materials by imparting maximum color-fastness in extreme environments. Along with their toughness, the line of CICPs can be used in Energy Star compliant cool roofing systems — Arctic pigments. Arctic IR-reflective pigments work to decrease this heat build-up and enhance the occupants’ quality of life.

Solec-Solar Energy Corp.
LO/MIT-I radiant barrier roof coating lowers roofing surface temperatures 40-50 degrees to lower A/C loads significantly. Its low emissivity helps control expansion and contraction rates in roofing substrates, extending the roof life. The coating is low viscosity, premixed, temperature tolerant to 1,000 degrees with a low-investment, rapid payback for energy conservation.

Stonehenge Roofing Products
Stonehenge proves to be environmentally friendly, from the natural earthstone coating on its products that help protect the environment, to the built in 1-1/2-inch airspace that helps protect the home by allowing a savings of as much as 30 percent on heating and cooling a home.

STS Coatings
Heatbloc 75 is a spray applied radiant barrier designed to block more than 75 percent of the radiant heat trying to enter a home or building. It is a natural addition to the metal roofing contractor’s offering to their customers.

Texas Refinery Corp.
Aluminum Roof Coating is a non-fibered high shine asphalt coating that provides excellent reflectivity and coverage. Ideal for non-leaking metal, modified or built-up roofs, it can reduce interior temperature by as much as 26 degrees. Super Aluminum Roof Coating has reinforcing fibers to provide extra body when it’s needed.

Thermal Design
The patented Simple Saver System delivers full in-place R-values by filling the purlin cavity space with insulation and avoids compressing insulation that minimizes intended R-values. The System also provides high light reflectance that can decrease the number of required lights for the building use.

Topps Products
Topps Seal liquid applied rubber roofing system restores leaky metal roofs with an energy-efficient lightweight cap. The fully adhered, seam-free, roof surface engineered specifically for metal roofs is a time-proven reliable and economical replacement alternative. Topps Seal boasts 600 percent elongation, up to 2,750 psi tensile strength, and 0.2 perms. No tapes or mechanical fasteners are required. It contains no water so there are no wash-off worries.

United Coatings
United Coatings continues to offer innovative solutions with Kymax, a latex Kynar 500 modified roof coating. An alternative to solvent-based urethane systems, Kymax offers superior reflectivity, color stability and weatherability over new and existing roof surfaces. Kymax is Title 24 compliant and is an ideal finish coat over standing seam and corrugated metal roofs, sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam, modified bitumen, PVC, TPO, Hypalon and EPDM.

United Solar Ovonic
The Michigan company is the world leader in thin-film amorphous photovoltaics. Because of characteristics unique to the United Solar Ovonic solar cell technology, such as lightweight, ruggedness and flexibility, it is ideal as building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems for residential and industrial customers.

Wheeling Corrugating
Every panel of the company’s painted roofing and siding is part of the SpectraCote System, a comprehensive manufacturing and paint finishing process. What makes the SpectraCote system so cool is the components that update products to meet with today’s construction and environmental standards for residential, commercial and rural building projects. The palette of SpectraCote cool colors meet or exceed the minimum requirements for Energy Star and Cool Roof certifications.

Whirlwind Building Components
Offering three different product lines, Whirlwind currently has six energy-approved colors on the agricultural/residential line, nine on the commercial/industrial line and four on the standing seam/architectural line. In addition to energy star approved colors, Whirlwind also offers cool roofing, proven to save up to 40 percent on cooling costs. Whirlwind’s feature color that meets all requirements for Title 24, Energy Star and CRRC is Cool White. Cool White has a reflectivity rating of 0.75, an emissivity rating of 0.86, and a total solar reflective index of 91.7.

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