Englert showing off Lego home at METALCON

Englert Lego HouseWhile Lego toys has a host of different toy brick houses you can build including the newly released Haunted House and the Villa Savoye, Englert, Inc. will be displaying its own Lego creation — Englert Maison — a two-square foot house made of Lego topped by a tiny authentic standing seam roof — at Englert Booth 424 during Metalcon in Chicago, Oct. 9 to 11.

The creation of Englert sales director Tony Newman who designed and built Englert Maison over a series of weekends, the tiny standing seam masterpiece features the real interiors and furnishings of a split level style home all sourced from Lego.  Newman who is a hobbyist used specialized tools to craft a replica of a standing seam metal roof for the house. His pastime is modeling, hand crafting and painting miniature figures and displays. He has also designed and created several  Lego  projects for friends and family. “This house is probably the smallest home ever built with an authentic  standing seam metal roof,” he chuckles.

The house measures 12 by 24 inches and occupies a diorama that is 20 by 30 inches.  It is also the centerpiece of a contest METALCON visitors can enter while visiting Englert’s Booth 424.  The person who makes the closest guess of how many Lego components were used to make Englert Maison will win an Englert roofing tool set from the company.  Contractor are encouraged to visit the booth to see the house and to enter the contest.

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