Englert unveils new LeafGuard site

Englert, Inc. unveiled its new website for LeafGuard, its unique one-piece leaf protection system. 

LeafGuardThe new website, www.LeafGuard.com  is  three times the size of the old one and features much more content,  animation and videos depicting in dramatic detail how the LeafGuard system works.

The new LeafGuard.com also makes it simpler and quicker for consumers to find a local LeafGuard dealer and get an estimate  for a LeafGuard installation at their homes. Visitors who type in where they live will instantly see a page with a map with information on the various LeafGuard dealers servicing the location.

The new website also employs “slide navigation” allowing consumers to easily  access more than a score  of testimonials from LeafGuard customers all over the United States. Website visitors can hear what other homeowners have had to say about the unique leaf protection system that carries the Good Housekeeping Seal.

The www.englertinc.com website has also added a “Brochures” section where  visitors can view and download online versions of the different LeafGuard  brochures the company offers.

Also new is a Gutter Resources Section that includes numerous new links to various topics from “Gutter Cleaning”, “Gutter Installation” and “Gutter Maintenance” to “Gutter Types.” The website also references various broadcast media that have highlighted LeafGuard over the years including The Today Show, This Old House, CurbAppeal, Ron Hazelton’s House Calls and Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Through the blog and other means of access for homeowners, we plan to provide our visitors with fresh, useful information about LeafGuard and home maintenance,” notes Englert marketing director Mitch Gabor,  who guided the changes in the website.  “we think homeowners will find the new website exceedingly easy to use with plenty of information to help them make the decision to choose LeafGuard.”

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