Englert releases environmental brochure

“Ultra-Cool Metal Roofing & Renewable Energy Systems: Way Beyond Cool” is the new full-color six-page brochure from Englert Environmental  that profiles the new environmental group at Englert, Inc. with overviews on its solar energy and rainwater reclamation products.

The new brochure highlights the technology of Englert’s  UltraCOOL  standing seam roofing line and how it is integrated with other LEED-compliant technologies including solar photovoltaics, solar thermal systems and rainwater harvesting.

The brochure’s visual highlights include several UltraCOOL  standing seam projects including its cover photo of the world’s only hyperbolic parabolic standing seam roof at St. Aloysius Church in Jackson, N.J.

For more information about the brochure and Englert’s line of environmental products, contact Jerry Heininger at j.heininger@englertinc.com

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