Fabral in on home makeover

 East Carolina Metal Roofing recently donated its time and expertise for a special project
— the construction of a much needed dream house for a decorated veteran of Operation Desert Storm and his
family, which was featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition the TV show that forever changes
the lives of deserving families and project participants every week.   
For this North Carolina project — known as the Cooper Family Episode, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition partnered with Edenton Builders.  Edenton Builders then turned to the best installers and contractors
in their area and asked them to be a part of their team.  Edenton quickly looked to East Carolina Metal Roofing
for this unique project — a project that would require 17 hour work days and lots of sweat and determination. 

Greg LaPierre, owner of East Carolina Metal Roofing, commented that once they were asked to participate
there really was no option; they knew they had to be involved no matter what it took.  LaPierre had been told
that the father of the family in need had been a combat medic and was currently an advocate for the welfare of
others.  “My family has very strong military ties…so it really just made sense for us to join the effort.” 
LaPierre also added, “In the end, we were fortunate that my son-in-law, Joseph Yengel, who is an active
medic member in the Navy was able to join our work crew.  It really meant a lot to our family.”
“Metal roofing was the perfect choice for this project,” said LaPierre.  “Not only is metal roofing designed to
withstand the high winds of North Carolina and extremely efficient but it looks great.  The Classic Green
Kynar color finish was the perfect complement to the rustic log cabin design.”  Regarding installation, each
metal panel on the house was rollformed on the jobsite from Sentriclad architectural metal manufactured by
Fabral and distributed exclusively by N.B. Handy Co. The panels averaged about 38’ in length and the entire
roof used about 70 squares of metal.  The roof was literally completed right before those famous words,
“Move that bus!”, were called out.  “It was an exhilarating project and one we are very proud to have been a
part of,” LaPierre states.  By joining forces with East Carolina Metal Roofing, N.B. Handy and Fabral were
honored to be a small part of the event by helping to provide the metal for the roof application.
The episode aired May 3, 2009 on ABC.  Visit
http://abc.go.com/primetime/xtremehome/index?pn=photos#t=33171 to view project photos and highlights.

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