Follansbee prints brochures for homeowners

Follansbee, a leader in metal roofing products and technology, has created a new brochure to help provide homeowners with a better understanding of Follansbee’s product lines and the advantages of choosing a metal roof.

The brochure offers insight into the wide range of benefits associated with quality Follansbee roofing products, including their distinct and luxurious aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability. Dramatic photography and customer testimonials additionally capture the high-end essence of Follansbee products.

“Follansbee metal roofing products have always been recognized for their aesthetic appeal and longevity — ideal attributes for any home,” explains Ed Thomas, Follansbee vice president and general manager. “Now, homeowners can explore the unique benefits of metal roofing by requesting a copy of our updated brochure.”

Follansbee produces steel roofing materials coated with patented ZT alloy. A specially formulated combination of zinc and tin, ZT alloy is one of the reasons a Follansbee roof last up to 20 times longer than a run-of-the-mill steel roof, especially in harsh environments. Additionally, the proprietary alloy is responsible for creating the surface patina that gives a Follansbee roof its unique visual characteristics.

Homeowners can learn even more about Follansbee products by visiting — an exclusive new website designed specifically for the homeowner. Features include the ability to construct a virtual Follansbee roof, learn more about sustainable attributes, browse an extensive design gallery and learn more about the Residential Energy Efficiency tax credit. Call 800-624-6906 or email to request a copy of the brochure.

Follansbee Steel offers a wide range of metal roofing products for commercial and residential construction including Terne II, KlassicKolors, TCS II and TCS Satin.  Founded in the early 1800s, the Follansbee, WV, company has been manufacturing in its current location for more than 100 years.  Modern alloys developed and patented by Follansbee have taken the original tin roof to new  heights of performance and longevity.  For more information call 800-624-6906 or visit or

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