Green Span Profiles’ IWP Series earns Dade County Approval

Green Span Profiles, a manufacturer of insulated metal panels (IMPs), has received Dade County Approval for its IWP Series of composite wall panels.

Green Span testing

TAS 202 Test specimen, qualifying design wind load, air infiltration and water infiltration.

“Testing for Dade County Approval is, of course, the most rigorous in the nation,” says Brian N. Jaks, P.E., Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Green Span Profiles. “Having that approval allows us to promote our wall panels for use in the most intense weather conditions.”

Green Span’s IWP Series insulated steel wall panels successfully passed the following tests, allowing for their installation in High Velocity Hurricane Zones:

  • Large Missile Impact Test per TAS 201
  • Uniform Static Air Pressure Test per TAS 202
  • Cyclic Wing Pressure Test per TAS 203
Green Span testing

TAS 201 and 203 Test specimen, large missile impact and cyclic wind pressure.

Green Span Profiles’ IWP Series includes eight different insulated metal wall panel profiles, serving the architectural, cold storage and commercial/industrial building construction markets. The Notice of Acceptance (NOA) is No. 15.0204.02 and may be viewed in its entirety at:

Green Span Profiles

Green Span Profiles specializes in the manufacture of insulated metal panels (IMPs) and is headquartered northwest of Houston in Waller, Texas. The company’s 70,000-square-foot manufacturing facility was constructed in 2011 using the most modern technology available worldwide. Visit


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