Henry Company Launches New Website

Henry Company, a leading manufacturer of air and vapor barriers, and roofing and waterproofing products, now has interactive index cards for each product on its new website: www.henry.com.

Each product has its own index card page and is organized on the website by its category. Index card information includes product description and interactive tabs to access the product’s material safety data sheet; technical data sheet; Tech Talk documents (applicable specification standards, installation instructions and other technical information); plus guide specifications and architectural details in computer-aided design format.

Another new feature is the Building Envelope Systems Binder, which enables registered visitors to save all downloaded reference materials in online binders. The documents are then available at any time and are quickly accessible. Files are updated automatically to the most recent version.

Additional features include a new section for do-it-yourself (DIY) users that includes step-by-step installation instructions for each product, and enhanced navigation and search mechanisms.

“Our new website is designed to improve the customer’s online experience,” said Chris Brink, senior vice president of Marketing, Product Management and Strategic Development for Henry Company.  “We put all the information the customer needs for each product on one web page to facilitate the best decisions about construction and retrofit projects.  The website also showcases the impressive selection of Building Envelope Systems products.”

For additional information regarding Henry products or services, contact Henry Customer Service at 1-800-486-1278.

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