Industry Showcase 2010: SnoBlox-SnoJax

LeafBlox is a virtually maintenance free product that will not void the roof warranty. Stiff LeafBlox bristles fill the gutter keeping yard debris out while allowing water to easily flow through. Most leaves and large items will pass right over the LeafBlox while small debris caught near the top of the brush will blow away or decompose through natural weather cycles.

The installation is fast and simple. No nails, cutting, drilling or tools required. Fill the gutters end to end with the 36-inch straight sections and fold over the bristle at the end of a gutter section. The product works with almost any style gutter including K-style, half-round and commercial box gutters.

Because all types of gutter guards allow some debris to enter gutters and may require limited maintenance, the consumer should always look at the ease of installation as a top priority. That’s why contractors and home improvement experts consistently favor this system which is the easiest system to install and remove for cleaning.

Snow guards help prevent gutter damage in winter climates. The guards protect the gutters by holding back the majority of snow and ice on slick, glossy coated, sloped roofs so the frozen mass can melt or safely release in very small pieces. When used in conjunction with snow guards, the LeafBlox will act as an ice guard to reduce winter gutter congestion, ice damming and icicles.

The black UV treated polypropylene bristles absorb heat on sunny days which in turn accelerates the snow and ice melting process along the gutter to minimize buildup.

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