Kingspan offers insulated standing seam system

To further address the increasing design, performance and energy requirements of today’s architects and builders, Kingspan Insulated Panels, Inc., a producer of foam core insulated panels, introduces its KingZip insulated standing seam roof system. KingZip is a pre-engineered, zip-up roofing system that provides enhanced performance, design flexibility, aesthetic appeal and fast-track construction. Available in a 1000 Series version, KingZip offers maximum thermal performance and a modern, streamlined look.
Often working with tight budgets and stringent construction schedules, architects and builders are asked to deliver buildings with high-performance features, beautiful aesthetics and increased energy efficiency. Designed to meet their needs and more, KingZip insulated standing seam roof is a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional through fastened metals roofs. Featuring a thermally broken hidden clip design, KingZip comes pre-engineered as a single component with the insulation already foamed in place, allowing for single-step installation. The panel’s 42-inch width makes it easier to handle and position, enabling fast installation. Available in lengths up to 48 feet, KingZip is ideal for low slope applications (as low as 1/4:12) and delivers a superior degree of weathertightness.
To provide superior aesthetics and weathertightness, KingZip minimizes the need for through fasteners that penetrate the external facing. Using the concealed two-piece thermally broken clip design, panels attach to the structural substrate. The seam is then mechanically roll-formed to create a continuous weather seal. For increased weather resistance, the panel features a two-stage double tongue and groove joint with an overlap nosing that deflects rainwater, and protects and conceals the panel fastener. With an architecturally appealing two-inch vertical sidelap with minor ribs in between, KingZip panels provide an attractive linear accent. KingZip’s interior liner presents a bright, reflective, washable surface to help reduce lighting requirements. A wide range of finish options are available to meet the design professional’s requirements including coatings from Valspar’s cool color palette which can help contribute to sustainable sites Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits.

For increased energy efficiency, KingZip’s two-piece thermally broken concealed clip design helps minimize heat loss through the sidejoint and the possibility of condensation at the clip assembly. The combination of KingZip’s insulated panel technology and high quality materials helps the panel deliver lifetime thermal, firesafe and structural performance that can reduce energy consumption by up to 35 percent, and lifetime operating costs up to 40 percent. Available in five thickness options, designers have their choice of R-values for different applications. With R-values up to 49, KingZip is ideal for both new and retrofit construction and can help meet the requirements for the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED green building program, as well as Energy Star and Cool Roofs.
A full range of accessory products are available, making KingZip a wholly integrated and complete roofing system. Accessories include: gutters, downspouts and rake trims. KingZip Insulated Standing Seam Roof System panels have been thoroughly evaluated and tested by independent third party laboratories and certified by Factory Mutual. Kingspan furnishes best-in-class performance warranties, covering weathertightness, corrosion, structural and finish performance. For a total building envelope solution see Kingspan insulated wall panels.
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