MBCI opening new IMP plant in Illinois

MBCIMBCI, an industry leading manufacturer of metal roof and wall systems, will be opening a new, 116,000 square foot insulated metal panel (IMP) manufacturing facility in Mattoon, Ill., in May. The new line doubles MBCI’s current IMP capacity. This is the second insulated panel line MBCI has opened in the past two years; the first being in Jackson, Miss. A third IMP manufacturing facility will be opening in Richmond, Va., later this year.

MBCI also will be adding one new panel profile to its Eco-ficient product line, which currently includes one standing seam roof panel, one R panel roof and wall profile and six wall panel profiles for both vertical and horizontal applications. This new 44 ½-inch profile will be used in interior wall and ceiling panel applications. Furthermore, an enhancement will be made to MBCI’s Eco-ficient Classic Series, increasing the width from 36 to 42 inches with flutes 8.4 inches on center.

Brad Johnson, general manager of Eco-ficient, says, “MBCI is committed to providing metal construction products that comply with the growing requirements for sustainability and energy efficiency. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet these demands while providing products and services that exceed industry standards, as is the case with all MBCI products.”

For more information about MBCI’s Eco-ficient insulated metal panels, visit www.ecoficientseries.com or call (877) 713-6224.

About Eco-ficient Panels
Eco-ficient insulated metal panels offer many advantages for building owners, designers and contractors, including improved thermal performance, reduced building operational expenses, ease of installation, accelerated construction schedules, earlier business starts and more. Eco-ficient panels are ideal for numerous applications, including architectural, commercial, industrial, cold storage and horizontal. Eco-ficient panels are available in a wide variety of color and applied finish offerings.

About MBCI
MBCI’s family of companies manufacturers metal roof and wall systems and roll-up doors. Our solutions include single skin metal panels, standing seam roof systems, insulated metal panels, retrofit roofing systems, roll-up doors and photovoltaic solutions. MBCI has 28 facilities located strategically throughout the United States, including retail outlets in select cities, serving the commercial, industrial, architectural, agricultural, institutional, residential and self storage markets.

For more information about MBCI and its family of companies and many product offerings, visit www.mbci.com.

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