MCA offers roll former operation manual

A new manual from the Metal Construction Association provides general knowledge, basic operation, safety and maintenance procedures and troubleshooting information for standard roll forming processes. The 44-page Single or Dual Level Roll Former Operation and Maintenance Manual is available as a pdf document at no charge on the MCA website.

Users of the manual are encouraged to print and distribute it as a general resource and training tool for employees using the equipment. The manual was written by the MCA Roll Forming Council and includes numerous safety warnings, and maintenance and operation color drawings and photos.

"While there are several books on roll forming available, most of them try to be a comprehensive reference manual for all types of roll forming and thus become very generic," says Mark Brotherton, vice president of operations for McElroy Metal, Bossier City, La. "MCA has provided us with a very concise manual geared specifically to our manufacturing process with sections on safety, set-up and adjustment, operation, general maintenance and troubleshooting.  This will be an excellent training aid for new operators and a good reference manual for others. It is a much needed resource within our industry."
A complete list and descriptions of MCA’s highly respected technical materials, including the Roll Former Manual, are available at Some documents are downloadable from the site and others are available for order.

About the Metal Construction Association
The Metal Construction Association is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers whose metal products are used in structures throughout the world. The association promotes the use of metal in construction through education, marketing support, technical programs, monitoring of industry issues, and achievement awards. MCA’s Semi-Annual Meeting is July 25-27, 2010 in Pittsburgh.

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