MCA offers two roofing bulletins

MCA’s technical materials are widely referenced by architects, contractors, building owners, and suppliers. Two new resources in final development are Ventilating Attic Fires, Press Formed Metal Panel Roofs/Fire Service General Procedures Guide and a new Selection Guideline for Insulated Metal Panels.

The bulletin on attic fires is designed as a training and education tool for fire code officials, fire marshals, fire departments and others on the performance of metal roofing in interior fires. It includes input from representatives of the California Fire Marshall’s office and was reviewed by them. It offers tips on identifying a stone-coated metal roof, accessing and ventilating a stone-coated metal roof in the case of a fire and a case study on metal’s performance in internal attic fires. It outlines the fire protection features of metal panel roofs, including: high wind resistance, light weight, high impact strength, resistance to ember entry, non combustible, and the ability to contain the fire to the structure (i.e. metal roofing does not allow burn-through and roof collapse).
“This is a very valuable document that we’re eager to get into the hands of firefighters as well as our members. Having input from the fire marshall’s office is a key point in development of this bulletin,” says Scott Kriner, MCA technical director.

A limited number of copies of this technical bulletin will be available at METALCON in the MCA booth 323. After the show, it will be accessible from the MCA’s web site.,

The new, comprehensive Selection Guideline for Insulated Metal Panels replaces two previously released MCA guidelines: the Selection Guidelines for Metal Composite Foam Roof Panels  and the MCA Marketing and Technical Bulletin on Metal Composite Foam Wall Panels.                         

The new guideline provides updated information about the manufacturing processes for insulated metal panels as well as performance criteria, R-value comparisons, tips on panel selection and finishes, product testing and certification, design parameters and detailed installation guidelines. Illustrations related to design, installation and details of panels are included along with photos of current building applications.

A complete list and descriptions of MCA’s highly respected technical materials are available at Some documents are downloadable from the site and others are available for order.

MCA is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers whose metal products are used in structures throughout the world. The association promotes the use of metal in construction through education, marketing support, technical programs, monitoring of industry issues, and achievement awards. MCA’s next national meeting is January 24-26 in Naples, Fla.

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