Metal Construction Association approves new ‘brand tagline’

At its 2013 Annual Meeting in Rancho Mirage this week, the Metal Construction Association board approved a new brand tagline: “Build Legacies. Metal.”

MCAThe new tagline is the product of work conducted by the Brand Task Force, which was appointed by the MCA Board in Fall, 2012. The task force recognized the importance of taking an aspirational stance with the tagline that would appeal to each of MCA’s core audiences: architects, building owners, and members/potential members. The themes that rose to the top included heritage, culture, iconic, performance, harmony and legacies. And what we do-through the products that members manufacture as well as through the relationships that MCA fosters-is build legacies.

Industry and member feedback indicated that there was significant confusion between the MCA brand and the brand of its market development program, The Metal Initiative. As recommended by the Brand Task Force, The Metal Initiative brand will be discontinued, but market development initiatives will continue under the MCA brand. MCA’s mission remains the same: To expand the use of metal in construction through marketing, technology and education.

A detailed action plan is being created, and we expect to fully incorporate the new tagline and phase out the brand of The Metal Initiative as soon as possible. We will keep members informed throughout the process, so stay tuned for more information.

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