Metal Manipulation: Roll formers can provide curving

Did you know you could curve a panel with your portable roll former? Bear Lake Roofing of Rice Lake, Wis., has done it on several occasions, most recently on a barn re-roof project.

CS-Miller-Zimmerman1.jpgAdam Miller simply adjusts the rollers — he marks right on the Zimmerman Metals roll forming machine where they have to go — and the panels run off with a slight curve.

For this project in rural Wisconsin, the panels were installed over an old shingle roof, which contained asbestos. Obviously, getting rid of the shingles would have been time consuming and costly when you found someone who would take them.

Metal over the top worked well.

CS-Miller-Zimmerman3.jpg“It looks good and it works,” Miller says. “It’s a little tricky to install because of the slope, but everything went pretty smoothly.”

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