Metal Roofing Alliance continues to build

Here’s something you may not have considered in the past — with more than a decade of sustained market investment, the Metal Roofing Alliance’s national consumer awareness program makes every contractor sales presentation easier.

Think about it — most consumers conduct research before making any major purchase decision and the roof they choose is no different. Before they call a contractor, they’ve done their homework. MRA has worked hard to become a trusted resource that consumers consult when deciding which product to install.

Our members have invested more than $23 million building the residential market for metal roofing. And, there is strong evidence that shows the MRA program is not only working, it’s extremely successful.

Consider the numbers:

  •   Since 2006, MRA’s TV and magazine advertising program has delivered more than 700 million impressions.
  •  MRA’s ongoing public relations campaign has generated 4.5 billion impressions since 2003.
  •  More than 700,000 individuals visit MRA’s our site,, each year.
  •  The Find-A-Contractor section on the MRA website has generated 184,563 leads during the past eight years.

However, building national consumer awareness is an expensive undertaking. Our marketing program makes this outreach possible by pooling MRA members’ resources, making each dollar they spend have a larger impact. As a result, MRA members benefit from a national marketing program for a fraction of the cost.

All the growth spurred by the MRA represents new opportunities, and new revenue for all the companies involved in the product, from steel mills and coil coaters to ancillary suppliers, distributors and contractors who install the metal roofs. In fact, the MRA’s consistent national marketing program is one of the few that is actually creating demand for steel.

MRA progressMarket share
Since the MRA was founded, the industry has experienced tremendous progress in the development of the residential re-roof category for metal. In the past decade, market share has more than tripled from 3.3 percent to 10 percent. The MRA has played a pivotal role in that growth with our Investment Grade Roofing campaign and supporting marketing programs. (See chart.)

Building awareness
MRA’s website generates more than 4 million page views each year, delivering information on the benefits of metal roofing. Consumers that go to are engaged, interested and serious about making an informed roofing choice. MRA’s biannual survey of consumers who filled out the Find-A-Contractor form at our website revealed:

  •  45 percent of the respondents have installed a roof (any type of roof) in the past two years
  •  More than 80 percent of those installed roofs were metal
  •  Of those who have not installed a roof, 52 percent plan to in the next year.
  •  Nearly 90 percent of those who have not installed a roof yet are still considering metal

A key takeaway from this survey is: people who visit the MRA site are highly likely to install metal roofing. And, MRA’s outreach program is very effective at bringing them to the table.

Join us
If you’re not a member of the MRA, please consider joining us. Membership in the MRA is an investment. Please visit or contact our executive director, Tom Black at for more information.

Bill Hippard is the executive director of the MRA and vice president of sales at Precoat Metals.

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