MR April 2013

Metal Roofing Magazine - April 2013 CoverThe April 2013 Issue of Metal Roofing Magazine is all about the how to avoid ice buildup on metal roofs using ventilation.

This issue also includes a story about how one business owner stays motivated.

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A Little Ohio Church Receives New Metal Roof

A church in Dundee, Ohio, recently received a new metal roof when their old, deteriorating shingle roof was on the verge of causing structural damage to the building. The parishioners at Lakeview Baptist Church chose Kline Home Exteriors of Millersburg, Ohio, to complete the installation of the 12,000 square foot roof...


Gutter Opportunities: Pure Motivation!

Opportunities, missions keep family business going strong  / By Mark Ward Sr. No business can survive without a profit. But neither can a business survive without a reason, something that goes beyond money, to keep the owner motivated. Over the years this column has profiled gutter installers who stay in business...

Metal vs. Mother Nature (hail)

Roofing battles Mother Nature’s most physical and visual weapon  / Metal roofing stands up to the forces of nature as well as or better than any type of roofing material and you should know how to sell that benefit to your customers. This is the second in a six-part series on...

Metal Roofing Magazine April 2013

Ventilation: Addressing ice buildup

Michigan roofer offers his method for proper ventilation  / By Dan Perkins, Dan Perkins Construction, Ishpeming, Mich.  /  Metal roofing contractors are often called in when roofs leak due to ice dams because customers think (falsely) that a metal roof alone will solve their problem. Metal roofing contractors who have been...