MR October/November 2011

Metal Roofing Magazine - Oct/Nov 2011 CoverThe October/November 2011 Issue of Rural Builder offers tips on what manufacturers can teach you.

This issue also includes information about online education.

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MRA Online University offers expert insight to best installing techniques, as well as marketing and sales advice Unlike asphalt shingle roofers who can operate their business with a truck and a roll of tar paper, metal roofing requires a bit more skill and preparation. Like any growing industry, new products and...

Metal Roofing Magazine October/November 2011

Help available for metal roofing installers

Metal roofing system manufacturers offer installer training programs, so find out what you need to get the job done right. Follow the directions! It’s one of the first things you’re taught when you start school — it may have been the very first thing. And you can always pick out the...