Metal Roofing Magazine’s Top 10 Products of 2011

We trust our readers. When they indicate they like something, it must be a good thing.

Each year in Metal Roofing Magazine, we present the most current information on a variety of products — underlayments, roll formers, fasteners, metal roofing shingles, ventilation products, snow retention, tools and the list goes on and on. These are called Product Profiles. We offer manufacturers and suppliers a free opportunity to send us  product information and a photo, so we can get the word out.

We also present a New Products section, sometimes a couple pages, sometimes less.

Both are very popular among the readers. How do we know? Because you take the time to fill out the Reader Service Card, circle numbers of products you’d like information on and send them in. There is also an online component allowing for quicker response. We monitor those responses to help us determine any industry trends.

Right here, we present, the Top 10 Products of 2011, as chosen by you, through your requests for info.

We’re guessing, you may find something else you’re interested in here.

ATAS International

ATAS Shingle

ATAS drew a large number of reader responses for its underlayment and metal shingle products in the seventh annual edition of  “the idea book.”  ATAS offers four metal shingle products: Rumba Shake is a Bermuda style shake facsimile; Advanta is a simulated dimensional shingle available with a print coat that can add more visual depth; Castle Top a diamond shaped shingle; and a Standing Seam Shingle.









ATAS underlayment ATAS offers two different underlayment systems for metal roofing. ATA-Guard is a polyolefin based, 100 percent asphalt free, high-strength underlayment with a slip-resistant surface designed for use on steep-sloped roofs as an alternative replacement for traditional roofing felt. ATA-Shield is a 45 mil thick, slip resistant synthetic polymer surfaced, self-adhering underlayment designed specifically for use under metal roofing. This membrane is well suited for use where a water resistant barrier and heat resistance are required.




Berger Building Products
Berger BPIn the always popular August-September underlayment product profile, offerings from Berger garnered plenty of interest. Lighter, stronger, better … Pro-Master Roof Shield UDL and UDL Plus are high-performance synthetic roofing underlayments recommended for most sloped roof applications. Offered in two protective coatings for superior foot traction, both are lighter and stronger than traditional roofing underlayments and comparable synthetics. Once installed, Pro-Master Roof Shield UDL and UDL Plus can be left exposed for up to one year before roofing is installed. In addition, Pro-Master is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

Custom-Bilt Metals

Custom-Bilt Metals

The June-July issue featured our eighth annual metal shingle review. The Vail Titan Select metal shingle, which combines timeless style with incredible durability and energy efficiency, caught the eye of readers. Heavy-gauge metal construction and an interlocking design hold them in place even in harsh weather conditions and make it nearly impossible for moisture to penetrate. Featuring the Titan Cool Roof Reflective Paint System, shingles are coated with PPG and PVDF reflective pigmentation technology to deliver a highly efficient cooling performance that reflects up to 70 percent of the sun’s energy and reduced cooling costs up to 20 percent.






Englert solar

An Englert standing seam metal roof provides the critical platform for the SunNet, thin film photovoltaic modules and laminates that help consumers supplement their energy needs for residential and commercial facilities with renewable solar energy. Featured in our Solar Product Profile in the February-March issue, SunNet Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems capture energy from the sun and convert it to electricity throughout the day generating in many cases all of the necessary energy a home or building requires. The photovoltaic laminate is manufactured of a flexible, extremely lightweight and unbreakable, self adhesive material less than a quarter-inch thick and easily attached to the standing seam roof panels either before or after roof installation.

 More news and product information about Englert



Metro Roof Products
Metro Roof ProductsIn a case study in the December 2010-January 2011 issue, Metro Roof Products supplied the roofing product that, as part of a complete roofing system, solved a damaging ventilation issue on a commercial office building near Minneapolis. The two-story building was plagued with leaks near the eaves caused by ice dams. The ice dams were from a lack of ventilation in the wood shake roofing system. The repair called for new plywood, covered with Feltex synthetic underlayment. Pro Master rolled ridge vent from Berger Building Products was installed at the eaves and ridge. The system was topped off with Metro’s Shake shingle, which sits up enough to allow ventilation between the underlayment and the shingle.

New Tech Machinery
New Tech MachineryThe SSQ MultiPro was the star of the October-November product profile on roofing roll formers. A quick-change commercial roof panel machine with up to 13 profiles, all in one machine, the SSQ MultiPro is the most advanced, accurate and user-friendly multi-profile roof panel machine ever. Users can change tooling in 45 minutes or less with one wrench and no tape measure.

 More news and product information about New Tech




Sheffield Metals
Sheffield MetalsFeatured in the Components Product Profile in “the idea book,” TopR is an advanced retrofit framing system. Featuring benefits for superior energy efficiency, a stronger structural profile and superior compliance with newly strengthened building codes, the TopR roofing system’s unique design includes a deflection limiter, allowing for a sturdy, structural attachment between existing purlins. This feature is particularly beneficial when applied in high-load roof zones and meets reduced clip spacing mandated by new building codes. Clips can be spaced as required in the critical edge and corner zones without reinforcement of the existing steel. The deflection limiter is particularly beneficial in hurricane-prone coastal areas, where stringent engineering requirements are in place. TopR can bring existing metal buildings up to tougher building code standards. A TopR installation reinforces the existing roof structure, thereby increasing the building’s uplift strength (negative loading) by as much as 28 percent and its dead load capability (positive loading) by as much as 65 percent.
SnoBlox-SnojaxAnother popular product profile is on Snow Retention, featured in “the idea book” and in our February-March issue. The polycarbonate snow guards from SnoBlox-Snojax pulled in the most reader responses. Featuring large, forward mounted faces that help prevent the dangerous movement of snow and ice on metal roofs, SnoBlox-Snojax products are field proven and professionally lab tested. Customers have a choice of adhesive or mechanical attachment and there are many models available to fit most panels and budgets. SnoBlox-Snojax provides free, instant, snow guard spacing layouts online.





TAMKO Building Products
TW Metal and Tile Underlayment is a flexible fiberglass reinforced self-adhering rubberized asphalt sheet membrane that attracted interest in our August-September product profile on underlayments. It is well suited for use as an underlayment where the prevention of water penetration is required prior to the installation of a metal roof system or mechanically fastened tile roof system. The durable underlayment features a textured surface for skid resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees. Tam-Shield Synthetic Underlayment is well suited for use as an underlayment to be applied over a roof deck prior to the installation of the final roof covering. It also provides secondary protection for shedding water after the installation of the roof system. Tam-Shield offers several compelling advantages over traditional underlayments, including lighter weight, greater coverage, better tear resistance and a cooler working surface on the roof.

Weather Guard Building Products
Weather Guard Building ProductsIn our April-May product profile on Exotic Metals, the offerings from Weather Guard Building Products piqued the interest of readers. Weather Guard stocks and distributes a full line of sheet and coil in RHEINZINK, copper and bare Zincalume. Profiles are available in standing seam panels, horizontal and vertical reveal panels and wall tile profiles to meet your exterior and interior application needs.


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