Metal Roofing: Top 10 Products of 2010

If this stuff doesn’t get you excited, nothing will.

This is the annual Top 10 Products list from Metal Roofing Magazine.

Every year, as a service to you, the readers, and to honor those innovative manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, we calculate a list of the Top 10 Products. We do this by researching to discover which products had the most reader responses. Many of these were new products introduced during the last year, while some are from the many product profiles we publish throughout the year.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Products of 2010 as determined by the readers of Metal Roofing Magazine. If you missed them during 2010, here’s your chance to obtain information on the products your competitors were researching last year.

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#1 – Active Ventilation Products
The Aura Solar Fan, which made its debut in the idea book in 2010, is a solar attic fan that uses both solar and wind power for optimum ventilation performance, just like a roof turbine ventilator, but with no moving parts. This combination ensures the highest possible performance both day and night in one solar roof fan. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, windy or calm, the ASF exhausts air in all conditions. This superior performance lowers attic temperatures resulting in energy savings.

#2 – Edco Products
Edco introduced two panels to its ArrowLine roofing product line in 2009 and they again drew heavy interest in the August-September issue. The two panels are based on Edco’s original ArrowLine Shake and Slate panels. Edco takes the shake or slate panel and then enhances the panel with lighter and darker tones that complement the base color. This process creates a natural blended look that has more curb appeal than solid color panels. ArrowLine Enhanced Shake is available in four blended colors while the ArrowLine Enhanced Slate comes in three blended colors.

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