Metal manipulation: Curves, curves and more curves

For those of you offering the service of installing curved metal roofing, you know it’s a manageable task once you get the hang of it. Curving metal roofing panels is like anything else — it’s a profitable offering if few in your area can do what you do.

CS-Berridge2.jpgPrestige Construction Systems of St. Augustine, Fla., routinely installs curved metal roofing. Working with a local representative for Berridge Manufacturing of Houston, Prestige has installed more than 2,000 squares of curved metal roofing in the last year.

Architects for PBS&J Architects in Orlando designed the Fire Rescue Administration Complex in St. Augustine with multiple radii. Four different areas of the roof had a curved metal roof — all with different curving measurements. Architects, more than anyone, appreciate the capabilities of metal and are not afraid to push the design envelope with metal. Prestige doesn’t back down either.

CS-Berridge5.jpgIt’s one thing to curve metal panels. Because of the wind uplift requirements needed in Florida, in some areas of the roof, the panels were installed on a lightweight concrete substrate. Fasteners had to penetrate the concrete then attach to the deck. Project manager John Turney of Prestige said it was a challenge to get the panels curved to fit properly over the concrete without oil canning. “The whole project, about 300 squares, took us about three months to wrap up,” he says.

The profile selected was Berridge’s Zee-Lock panel, in 22-gauge Galvalume. The architect chose Deep Red for the color.

Turney says the Berridge rep onsite to curve the panels was able to manufacture curved panels to the correct radius. The Berridge ZC-21 curver works in synchronized tandem with the Berridge SP-21 Zee-Lock Panel roll former to fabricate continuous-length curved panels in one operation. Turney says there was no waste as a result of inaccurate curving. “We actually had two leftover panels,” he says. “It’s not total guesswork.”

CS-Berridge3.jpgThe Fire Rescue Administration Complex is one of several projects Prestige has worked on in its continuing partnership with St. Johns County, in northeast Florida. “The county likes metal roofing,” Turney says. “We’re doing three or four jobs for St. Johns County. They appreciate the durability of metal and like the warranty. The bigger projects, most of the county complexes, will be roofed with metal.

“In our area, the competition isn’t too great,” Turney says. “There are maybe two other installers who do what we do.”

Less competition should translate into more jobs. Prestige has a good backlog and is optimistic about 2008.

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